Dancing in the Rain

A Conduit of His Love



When I first started to tiptoe into the prophetic ministry, the Lord blessed me to study from Graham Cooke’s prophetic training books. Within one of his books that I had read, there was a prophetic word about being a person of His “rain”. In this word, Graham spoke of a person who brought the rain of God’s presence with them everywhere they went. It was always raining!


My faith was so stirred by the prophesy, that I claimed it as my own, and there was no negotiating it. That was my heart’s desire, I believed that God wrote that prophesy just for me. Ever since that day, I envisioned that rain represented the release of the Holy Spirit. There were times when I would get so deep into worship, that I would see and feel the rain coming down in the room. Sometimes the water would be so deep, it looked like the entire church was worshipping in the ocean. I would often pray that to the Lord, to bless me to release the rain of His presence. 


When I first started to practice using the prophetic gift, I was young and very careless with the words that I gave. It was a time of growth and I was learning how to flow with purity and overcome insecurity. But often I was in the wrong motive for using the prophetic gifts.


For a little while, I even partnered with a ministry that charged money for prophecies and after that, I had an encounter in the “mailroom of Heaven” where I was rebuked for my motives behind serving with that gift. All of those prophetic words back then were returned to me unfulfilled and that was many years ago.  


Those days are long behind me and the Lord has expressed to me that He wanted me to build a prophetic school to teach others about those secret prophetic mysteries and the downfalls of operating out of an unclean heart of selfish greed and personal promotion. The outcome was that I hurt many people, but the good part was the Lord gave me a teaching book that I published called “Ready to Release the Rain”. The book is found in the online store, here Diamonds from the Dust Store



In this book, I am able to share my experience with the prophetic and how the purity of our flow is so important. Not only has the Lord given me the love letters to write, but He has taught me how to see them become tangible and to use them to overcome impossible-looking situations. Every single letter that I have ever shared, is something that I have walked through with sincere faith and seen tangible fruit be released. 


The Father said that this ministry serves as a “teaching prophetic” voice to show His children how to fly into the miraculous by the power of faith. When the letters are mingled with true faith, they will materialize and the power of His personal love will come to the surface as an answer to every need–time and time again. The letters are like diamonds and as the Lord turns the letters, He is able to speak to others individually as different lights reflect.


Through the years, I have partaken in several prophetic training courses, internships, and hands-on activations. Although they were all helpful in their own ways, nothing can compare to the unique ways to release the rain of the spirit than what the Holy Spirit has shown me personally. Many times Jesus would meet with me in the night to teach me how to use my “prophetic” umbrella to help me to create His miracle water to survive in difficult times. His intentional love has been the greatest Teacher of all. 


In knowing my heart so personally, He created a book just for me, in honor of that special day that He spoke to me. This journey took me through much healing of my heart motives so that my flow would be pure. For several years now, I have actually written His love letters and experienced the fulfillment of those letters over and over. It has been like releasing water in the desert that brings instant relief and comfort from the burning ground. The dancing part is all about how we put those words and promises from God together to create a beautiful dance of His liquid love. 


Now I am opening up a Ready to Release the Rain internship to help others activate and release the rain of Heaven through writing prophetic love letters. There will be new training and materials added regularly, as well as unique activations to stir up the rain within. 

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Ready to Release the Rain Internship 


With love,


Dannette, Diamonds from the Dust LLC