Things Are Getting Better Now

A love letter from the Father       Take a deep breath and calm down, things are getting better now. It may seem like life has been nothing but troubles and tears. It may be that everything that you have known has been very complicated and painful to endure.    I heard it when you prayed–I heard and I listened […]

Light On This Situation

A love letter from the Father     I made this time very special with detailed plans made just for you. Remember what I have told you, “I will make good things happen for you”. I will show up to take care of you and honor My words.    Every detail has come into place and every loose string has […]

Not Lost At All

A love letter from the Father     You have had your share of troubles and you are familiar with being low and emptied out. But take heart! My promise to you is your personal victory, so do not grieve over how things seem at the moment.    The things that appear to be lost are not lost at all. I […]

Super Surprise

A love letter from the Father     Beloved, true love stories never end and My favor on your life will never stop. Expect to receive a continuous flow of My ever-loving provisions coming to relieve your troubles–one by one.    What is your request? My dear one, all you need to do is ask and that is a promise! […]

Sudden Turn-Around

A love letter from the Father   Allow Me to speak with tenderness and kindness to your heart; as One who comforts those who mourn. Just remember, I will always come through for you, even when it looks like I won’t. So rise up and take back your confidence because you will love this even more!    Wipe the tears […]

I Will Help You Again

A love letter from the Father     Allow Me to relieve your stress and melt away the pressure. Place all of your troubles into My arms and let Me take over. Pour out your heart to Me–let go of it all—the good and the bad.    Everything will all be okay–things will turn out favorable. Give Me those fears, […]

In the place of your sorrow

      Tell your heart to be calm, it is going to be okay. That is enough heavy lifting for now–you can take a load off and recover from the strain.  You have passed the test of faith and your prayers are being delivered. My promises are always true and I am always here to bathe your soul in […]

Sooner than you Hope

A love letter from the Father     I will comfort you, even in the midst of your troubles. I am singing over the wounds that you have endured, to silence the suffering of the night and to turn your tears into blessings.   I will always stay right beside you to show you that the loving force of My […]

All Comforts Provided

A love letter from the Father     Easy now, you have nothing to fear; I’ll take care of you and your children. Have faith in what I have promised, even though you cannot see it yet. The pressure and weight of your problems are being lifted up to cause you to be pain-free and light on your feet.    […]


A love letter from the Father     Stand on My promise. My love will never let you down or fail to supply you with comforting support. You can count on My faithful help to remain constant and enduring, always!    Focus on My words with all that you are and block out the distractions of doubt and worry. Use […]

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