Out of the Flood

A love letter from the Jesus       Although troubles have been pouring over your head, I have made you a promise and My promise still stands. You are unsinkable, despite how it looks. In the midst of the turbulent floodwaters rushing in, I am with you and I will help.    In this moment of insufferable pain and […]

The Bounce Back

A love letter from the Father     Take heart, I am on your side. Change is happening without delay, as your pain is replaced with blessings. Like torrential rains that fall without warning, I am washing away the troubles and leaving you with relief and extra comfort.   Every moment has been working to bless you. All of the anguish, […]

Everything You Hoped For

A love letter from the Father     I understand that it hurt to be attacked when you were tired and barely able to put one foot in front of another. However, I am delivering relief and you’ll no longer be kicked around or left wanting.    Relax, those things that you have worried about are out of the picture. […]

Early Arrival

A love letter from the Father       My cherished child, do you think that I would withdraw My promise from you or take back the words that I have already spoken? Of course not! My promise to you is here for good–as sure as the sun. My loving support for you is dependable as the phases of the […]

Utterly Unexpected

A love letter from Jesus       Take your mind off of all of these things that cause you to fret and worry. Everything is not as it seems. Don’t get lost in a moment of the darkness, when you cannot see what will happen or how things will be.   I’m telling you, My beloved treasure, don’t panic. […]

This is When Things Turn Around

A love letter from the Father     Like a pearl that has been formed from an outside irritant that made its way into the oyster, I will use the difficulties that have been against you to comfort you and bless you.    This is when things turn around and everything becomes much better than before. I am always Sovereign […]

I will do it all for you!

A love letter from the Father     I will help you. Take a deep breath and don’t worry, My treasured one. It’s still a little early, so have faith and trust that good things will come.   Don’t think the worst nor doubt My love, I will always be wonderful to you! Always look for the best and keep […]

Good News is Coming Your Way

A love letter from Jesus       Take it easy and relax, like reclining on a boat that gently drifts along. It’s going to be okay–I have everything handled! Climb on board and allow Me to take you to a uniquely beautiful place out beyond the farthest ocean depths.    Get ready for a trip that you will never […]

Out of the Blue

A love letter from Jesus     Calm your heart, My beloved one. There is no need to be afraid or worried about what could come. Don’t believe the threats of suffering or the worries of undesirable things that could take place.   Just the opposite is what you can expect, as I gently and consistently show you My protective […]

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