Easier Days

A love letter from the Father.        I have been walking you through past pains to lay a new foundation of easier days. I am pulling out the root problems of deep disappointments and filling holes of depression and broken hopes with new encounters of My intentional love.      I have exposed the root of your pain […]

Extraordinary Comfort in the Change

A love letter from the Father       Don’t be afraid of an unexpected change, like clouds that grow dark and roll across the sky. Although the storm clouds have formed a thick wall that blocks out the light, My promises to you are unchanging and I am sending help.    I will take care of everything for you […]

Love Shocked

A love letter from the Father.      In the blackness of night, you cannot see where you are or what is taking place. Place your hand in Mine and I will lead the way as the Father of lights bringing gifts along the way. Look up! See how the words that I promised shine expectantly to pierce the darkness […]

Everything Has Come Together

A love letter from the Father.        Everything has come together now. The pieces have all fit in place and My promises have aligned perfectly to deliver good news and a sigh of relief. Be at peace, everything will turn out good. Don’t worry- you have the victory!   There will be no disappointment for you or those […]


A love letter from the Father      I will do the impossible for you and relieve your suffering. Now row out to the deep water of trust and cast your prayer for an enormous catch. All you have to do is ask and I will grant all that you request. Your prayers will be answered so lavishly that your […]

Everything Can Change in an Instant

A love letter from Jesus.        In this dry and weary land with no water in sight, with the sand burning under your feet and the sun blazing upon your face. It has been a time of believing in a promise to materialize from out of plain sight. Your faith has been scolded in the place of refining […]

While Expecting

A love letter from Jesus       In the birth pangs of waiting, you inwardly sigh and yearn for the fulfillment of My promise.  Knowing it’s going to happen but not knowing when can be very frustrating as you cry out and ache for the deliverance.    The restless part is the waiting and sometimes that can be a […]

I Will Do It Again

A love letter from the Father.      As a crest of the sea rises higher after breaking, anytime that you experience a low, I will show up again to take you to the next level of experiencing the tangible displays of My goodness with an even more magnificent rise.   I did the spectacular for you in the past […]

This is Your Breakthrough

A love letter from the Father.     Although you have been heartsick from the delay of hopes coming true and agonized by the tiresome waiting while the pressure builds–picture this! See the victory before it happens, because a massive breakthrough is coming. My love is opening up a way for you and lifting you into a spacious place of […]

Instant Relief

A love letter from Jesus.      My promise to you is similar to a sea turtle of the great blue and mysterious ocean. The turtle is not in a shell, but a turtle is part of the shell. A turtle’s shell does not come off and the intricate shell grows with the turtle in every moment. Likewise, the words […]

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