Going Someplace Else

    Last week, I had a visit with God. He knew what was ahead for me and how I would need some pain relief. He told me that I was about to birth something really big, so I needed to “go someplace else”.    When birthing a promise, it can be very painful because all of the fears and […]

I Decided

  I have been sitting on this news–this really, really good news–for several days. Something opened up to me that I have longed for more than I can even describe. In fact, it is something that I have prayed to happen for so long, that I found myself scared to hope or be excited.    I was so scared to […]

Water Inside

  The Lord had to correct me the other day because I was starting to lean in the wrong direction. Instead of keeping my focus on Him and His promise to us, I started to look at all of the various ways that He sends our refill.    Then He took me back down memory road, to an encounter that […]

Beginning at the End

    Before I took off to trust and follow God in this way of living, He gave me several promises. He told me that I would be Divinely compensated through my work on this blog because He would use it as an outlet to speak to and inspire many. He even directly told me to not go out and […]


    There was a strange twist that happened this week and it was unlike anything that ever happened before. All of this time. I hid my weakness from the company that I had been renting from. I tried to make them think that I was rich and working on a business trip. I was not doing that to be […]

Beyond Amazing

A love letter from the Father       Although you have undergone unbelievable attacks, I am lifting you up with many surprises of My devoted love. It was hard, I understand. But the sweetness of the rise is made better by knowing the taste of being down so low.   Forget the past. Forget the pain. I can see […]

Making History

    Once again, I am back to a place of needing to be rescued. He showed me before I even entered this extremely difficult season, that I would be taking spiritual classes from Him about being rescued.    In only 3 days, I need to pay to stay or pay to go, because our paid time is ending. As […]

Caterpillar Thoughts

    This is one of the most difficult and transparent posts that I have ever done. It is really uncomfortable because it openly exposes my past blemishes and my imperfections. In fact, I may go into hiding after this one and find myself a little cave to stay in lol.    But the Lord has asked me to share […]

Flooded with Promise

  About 4 years ago, before Jesus asked me to follow Him on this journey to promise, He spent a very long time flooding me with promises. Before we even left, He gave me blueprints of the end results that would happen. He showed me exactly where our promised apartment (and later home) would be and He even showed me […]

Letting Go

    The Lord took me into this vision about a week ago. In the vision, I was thrown down from a high place and I hit the ground so extremely hard. After a few seconds of feeling like I had the wind knocked out of me, I pulled out a checklist and crossed the pain of that moment off […]

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