Strange Prophetic Symbols

  This is a compilation of some unique and strange symbols that the Lord has spoken prophetic messages to me. Each person has a peculiar love language with the Holy Spirit that is very distinct and personal. This list has been created as a tool to help others navigate through a few prophetic mysteries. It is a free resource for […]

A Valuable Treat

    Hello beautiful friends, I wanted to share a remarkable treasure and an extraordinary gift with you today. For several years now, Crystal Wade from Hope Streams has been walking with me through my own “soul healing” journey and God has used her many times to help me through some painful places.      Stephen and Crystal Wade   […]

It feels like falling

      It feels like that moment of being suspended and helpless in the air. It feels like being on a roller coaster and as it begins to drop, my stomach is flipped and lifted to my chest. It is a feeling of fear that puts butterflies in my belly and I can’t help but cry when I wrestle […]

Growing Pains

    Towards the earlier parts of our ‘living by faith’ journey, there were several moments of disappointment that left me so broken for a while. I remember during the first 2 years, we were barely surviving. God had been blowing me away with phenomenal love letters on His promises of blessings, but at that time I could barely pay […]

Removing the Magnets

    I had a really difficult past 2 days. For 2 days I couldn’t stop sobbing. Before the sobbing sessions started, I had a vision from the Lord about healing. He showed me that He was removing 2 magnets out of my soul that were attracting negative things due to my woundedness so that I would not have to […]

The Wish Prayer

      The wish prayer is a very specific way of praying that the Holy Spirit taught me to use during a very desperate time. Inside this little book, I open up to you the secrets of what I learned and I also share with you my personal success with this kind of praying. Through praying in such a […]

When it Hurts to be Real

      I will be honest with you, I don’t want to write this post. I would much prefer to stay in my safe false-comfort of being alone with my feelings. However, these words are like fire in my bones and I know the Lord wants me to open my heart to you at this moment.    When I […]

Helping Miranda

  Hello with blessings! A little while back, the Holy Spirit showed me that He wanted me to put out a blog post to help someone very precious to Him. I had sat on that message for a while, always praying about who it was and when it would happen. Then, when Miranda sent me a message for the first […]

Navigating the Hidden

      Before we left for our new room, I encountered the Lord in a dream. He showed me that we were moving to a higher ground of plenty and then He gave me a document that proved that we were released from that place of low-level provision. The reason that He gave me the legal proof was because […]

Swim Over the Bully Ducks

    I was in a little park with my daughter yesterday. There was a beautiful small lake that was full of ducks. I started to see something happening, as I watched the ducks. There was a white duck that was much larger than the other scruffier looking brown ducks. Over and over, I would witness that the white duck […]

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