Love Over Fear

    I have never told anyone this before, but I have a major fear that I need to overcome. It is the fear of being seen ( my heart, emotions, and physically). Yesterday I posted my message on the Fb Diamonds page about the apartment (see here: an open message from my heart)   After only 6 hours, I […]

An open message from my heart

    Over the past few days, I went through my blog and deleted about 151 posts about our faith walk with God over the past 4 years. I was trying to protect myself from attacks and I was snared by the fear of man.    At the very beginning of this journey,(see more here: our story) things started out […]

When Everything Starts to Sink

    Nine years ago, God gave me dreams that my husband was seeing another woman. I was able to see so clearly what was happening, even down to the actual restaurant where they would run away to on the weekends.    Those dreams were confirmed to me when I would find the receipts, bank statements, and other pieces of […]

Heart Beat Again

I felt much like Dorothy Gale from Kansas. The whirling tempest came into my life. The winds beat upon my house and the waves crashed over me. The storm had tossed debris all over the place, nothing was where it used to be. I was lost, confused and wanting to go home.   There was a loss, a pain unexpected […]

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