Hold on to me

      This is sort of an update on what I have been going through. Almost every day last week, I had amazing encounters and confirmed promises from God regarding His promise to not allow us to be homeless.    It was like dreaming of sparkly snowflakes that would gather on my eyelashes and see the speckles of diamonds […]


    I don’t know if I will publish this or if I am just needing a moment to pour out the afflictions of my soul. I feel like a writer of lamentations, writing about deep grief while tears rush from my eyes.    Last night after posting my faith walk post, the Lord told me that I had something […]

Toasting Marshmallows

  The place where we stay is not like a normal apartment or housing situation. There is no lease, so if I do not pay the exact moment that the rent is due, then we have to evacuate immediately. It is through a vacation rental company and it is way more expensive than it ought to be.    We are […]


    I was hit with some tremendous warfare against my website (this ministry). Because I was almost out of storage, I decided to try a new service provider. In the change of providers, I had lost all of my subscribers—every single one!    It was a constant lashing of waves against me for an entire week as well. There […]