Smooth Sailing

A love letter from Jesus     I love you and I will protect you from the fear of being disappointed. I have seen your flare for help and I am sending quick relief. I won’t let you hurt anymore in this way, so let your mind drift into this new romantic way of living.   Inhale the salty ocean […]


A love letter from the Father     I am fully aware of what you are needing. I will show up to take care of you–just as I promised. My words will never change or fail to support you. I will protectively care for you, My faithful friend.    There is still hope for today–anything can happen–even now! Everything that […]

Nothing to Fear

  A love letter from Jesus     Don’t be afraid, My dear. Don’t despair, My little darling. Calm your thoughts and listen to Me, I am right here to help you. I will save you from everything that you fear happening and I will hold you above the treacherous threats of undesirable outcomes.    I know that what you […]

Not How It Looks

A love letter from the Father     Just breathe and relax the tensions from your shoulders. Everything will be better than you hope. I am walking alongside you to provide you with security and deliver continuous comforts.    Even if the ground that you are walking on begins to shift or crumble apart, the beauty of My promise will […]

Trust My Love

A love letter from the Father     Just because nothing seems to be moving, doesn’t mean it’s not. Take a deep breath, it’s going to be okay. Have a little faith in Me, I will not forget you in the time of your need.   Oh beloved, don’t be afraid of falling. I will help you find your way […]

Held In My Comfort

A love letter from Jesus     There are treasures for you in this time; when the thick clouds of fears and troubles cause darkness and cast shadows on the ground. The threatening skies passing through only heighten and accentuate the rich hues of foliage of My promise to support you.    Love comes from underneath–as the root sustains the […]

To Show You How Much You Are Loved

A love letter from the Father       You will weep no longer, My lovely child. I will be gracious to answer your cries for help. Don’t be afraid, My dear little one. How truly I love you! I will remember to take care of you and show you how much you are loved.    You are like a […]

Because Anything is Possible.

A love letter from Jesus     Come closer dear, far away from your troubles and worries. Let Me protect you from the outside clutter and chaos. Get away from the pain as I help you unwind and breathe freely.     Don’t worry so much about what will happen, I will always give you a chance to relax before a […]

Extra Comfort

A love letter from the Father      I know this is hard to do with everything that you have been through. I want you to know that you are not alone. I will always be there to shoulder your hurts and soothe your wounds.    Don’t get lost in the flood of difficulties and overwhelming threats of bad things […]

I Promise to Take Care of You

  A love letter from the Father     I promise to take care of you. No longer cry over this thing–everything is going to work out perfectly. Even though it looks like there is nothing to help, allow Me to help you see clearly how this situation will turn out.    The heart of the matter is this–My personal […]

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