Closer Than It Looks

A love letter from the Father     Get up, My beautiful friend, and look around you–the winter of warfare is coming to an end. When the birds begin to sing their whimsical tunes, it’s a sure sign that spring has arrived.    Although the prophetic promises that I have foretold appear to be in a far-off distance, the fulfillment […]

Big Enough Umbrella

A love letter from the Father     My dear little one, do you think that I would leave you empty and helpless in your place of need? Look up from your grief and you will see that the help of My loving support is not far away.    I will comfort you in the place of your need and […]

Sometimes Blessings are Found in the Storm

    Something came unexpectedly and I was met by a heavy heart and worry when threatened by a terrifying situation. Grief melted down my face when I looked at the fears that were projecting a different outcome than what God had promised.   Circumstances threatened horrible things, like being hunted by a lioness who was hungry and showing her […]

Better than you thought

A love letter from the Father     Although you dreaded the worst, things won’t turn out bad, but it will all be much better than you thought. I will make good things happen for you and fill you with blessings too numerous to count.    Look at how far I have taken you and how I have guided you […]

Delivering What I Promised

A love letter from the Father     Lay your head on My shoulder and unload the unbearable burdens and soul-crushing pain. From a heart-sunken with sadness and a river of tears, I will comfort you through this delicate time and it will all turn out better than you believe.    Instead of imagining the worst and fretting over what […]

Sooner Than Expected

A love letter from Jesus   You are safe from the storm and soon those things that have troubled you will move on. The sun is bursting through the clouds, and the rainstorm is beginning to subside. I will be your knight in shining armor to make things right.    You will be filled with treasures of gold from My manifested […]

Underground Support

A love letter from the Father       Don’t worry, help is on the way. You have to look beyond the surface of how things seem, there are hidden provisions emerging from the unseen place of My personal promise.   I have prepared for all of your needs. Don’t worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will take care of itself. Just […]

Beyond Joyful

A love letter from the Father     From the agony of a heavy heart, you are being filled with a joyous song. I will take care of you–just as I always have. I will reward your love and undeniable trust in Me–hugging you as I carry you along.    Everything will feel like a dream, as My promises bloom […]

Water Effect

A love letter from the Father     Allow My love to come and settle you down to trust that something wonderful is going to happen. In the uncertainty that fearful situations present, rest in the certainty of a hopeful outcome and be confident that I will answer your prayer request. I am making everything come together beautifully to be […]

Sometimes Midnight Comes Early

A love letter from Jesus     Rest your head on My heart as I dry away your tears. Stay in the moment with Me as I comfort you from the onslaught of worries. When all goes dark it can be hard to see how far things are ahead or what will happen next.    Don’t believe the fears that […]

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