I was hit with some tremendous warfare against my website (this ministry). Because I was almost out of storage, I decided to try a new service provider. In the change of providers, I had lost all of my subscribers—every single one! 


It was a constant lashing of waves against me for an entire week as well. There were several times when I was unable to post anything because my website completely vanished. It was a nightmare. 


I spent hours talking to tech support and crying my eyes out from frustration. During the times when I thought I lost everything, I felt like I was crumbling away with devastation. There was so much chaos, but through the chaos, there was beauty revealed. 


Thanks to God, I was able to move back to my former provider and all of my subscribers were restored. Yay! It took a lot of patience (too much for my comfort lol) but eventually, I got everything restored and my website is back to the way it was. 


I decided just to trust God to provide for the extra storage plan on this website and I learned a big lesson on patience through this process. The downtime of having no website gave me time to start working on my next book. 


I spent hours putting the pieces together from the past 4 years of our faith “housing” journey and I am arranging it into a book. I already have such a beautiful vision of how it will turn out. It will be a very transparent book about faith living and all of my deliverance will be openly revealed. 


I am really excited to finish the book and see what God does with it. However, I am going to take a little time away from it, because I am currently in a faith test and the fire has been turned up. 


I have 10 days left for God to deliver the miracle that He promised, for us to be able to stay in this apartment. I am well aware that this place is still a temporary shelter for us and I will share more about that in the time to come. I still have many promises about our housing and why it is not permanent quite yet. 


During the past several nights, God has been giving me extra comforts and confirmations that He will show up. I am believing that we will be able to stay, at least for a few months. I have hopes that we will be here through the holidays and I will be able to see the snow falling from the castle windows. 


I am praying that I will pass this faith test and that it won’t be as painful as the last time. As I have put together the pieces of this book, I can see that this part will make for the perfect ending of the book. 


Transition can be scary and uncomfortable. The thing that gives me peace through every change, is that God’s promises to us will never change. I can count on Him to be with us in every season. 


Thank you for praying for us and for being such wonderful friends of God. I love you to pieces! Now I am just praying that God delivers the next promise soon to put out the fire and pressure for us to stay.


The last miracle came at the last minute and although that made for a great story, it hurt to endure it. I really hope that this time will be a little bit early and that it will not have the same pain of going through the “last-minute pressures” as before. That would be a story that I would be very happy to share lol! 





Love, Dannette ♡