Some Place New


I kind of made a fool of myself about the whole “castle” apartment thing. It turns out that the castle may have been symbolic of our promised home that God made me.


The beauty of making those mistakes is it eventually draws us deeper into confidence in what we hear from God prophetically. I truly believe in having a learning curve in the prophetic, because it is all a long process of intimacy and depending on God. Some things we will not know until we walk it out. 



 I have told you all these things in advance so that your faith will grow as these things come to pass. John 14:29




Sometimes we fall down, but then we have to get back up and keep going. Last night my daughter said to me, “when sunflowers can’t find the sun, they look towards each other”. I knew that God was telling me to allow others to help me through this time of difficulty and need. 


This morning, I felt like I was putting on Abraham’s shoes because God showed me that He is taking us out of our comfort zones. For the past couple of years, I have clung to the same 3 little cities that I grew up around, as my safety net. 


However, the Lord has shown me that we are going to venture a little bit and travel through different locations to find treasures along the path. It is kind of exciting and scary at the same time. As I sit right now, I don’t even know how I will cover anything and I am waiting on God so I can start making plans and reservations. 


We do have to check out this morning, I am counting on God to show up just like He promised. It’s so funny because all of this week God has been preparing me for this, but I didn’t understand it then. 


He showed me this season was like going on a scenic train trip and that He would be there to provide for our rooms, as our own Home. Since everything that we do is online, including the homeschool, we are not tied down to any certain place. That is even more reason for us to follow Jesus wherever He has the next little treasure for us to discover. 


I know that my promised home remains and at the right time, He will open the door. I have not been perfectly obedient through this journey at all times, I must confess. Several times I got tired of trusting in the unseen steps of God and depending on His invisible promises. 


In those times of frustration, I had applied for homes, but I was always denied for one reason or another. I had also applied for normal jobs when I was feeling overwhelmed with doubt and distrust. Every time, God would either have us move to frustrate my disobedience, or I would be denied, again. I finally realized that it was just easier to trust God’s plans. 


I had all of these dreams for my life. I wanted to be a nurse and have my own little modest place to live. But when I started to pursue those dreams, God asked me to accept His dream for my life and to trust that He knows my heart better than I do. 


Life is really short and I may not have accomplished what most successful adults have, but I can say that I have been gaining more spiritually than any kind of earthly money or status can compare to. 


Yet, I don’t even mind not having the beautiful things that most people do. I have Jesus and He is worth more than anything that I could ever dream of. His love has become my new dream and I am going to dare to trust Him to lead us wherever we will go next. 


I am really excited to be able to plan our trip and I have found so many hidden treasures that are so much less than even a motel room. There is even a yurt up north…lol whatever that is. If you would like to bless our new journey, I would obviously be so very thankful. 


Hopefully, I will have some beautiful things to share as Jesus carries us over to promise, like the Polar Express. God bless you all and thank you in advance for your grace on my own mistakes and failures. But nothing that brings us closer to God’s heart for us is ever a mistake. 








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