Going Someplace Else



Last week, I had a visit with God. He knew what was ahead for me and how I would need some pain relief. He told me that I was about to birth something really big, so I needed to “go someplace else”. 


When birthing a promise, it can be very painful because all of the fears and doubts, that a person may be harboring deep within all seem to press in at once. The situation gets more intense because the things happening in the natural are the opposite of what God has said. It takes total concentration to focus on the promise that is yet unseen while ignoring all of the fears of unbelief. 


It is like all of the fears and unbelief that we may have, try to manifest at the same time as the promise of faith is being pulled out. The pure love of God literally displaces the fears that we have. As the fear is coming out, it can be painful–so painful–if we are giving attention to those fears and doubts. 


I have been on a roller coaster as I have walked out this promise by faith. As you know yesterday, I announced our housing promise opportunity showing up. It is totally my promise coming to pass from God and everything is just like He said it would be. 


When I see things in the natural and stay aware of all of the bad things that threaten to happen, I get so scared. That fear left unsupervised becomes anger because the pain is too much to handle. The pain from fear can be so destructive if not calmed by the soothing love of trusting God’s promise. 


From a non-faith-based place right now, it looks so impossible and terrifying. We have to check out on Sunday morning and we are supposed to move into the new home. Yet I don’t even know where we will get the money to move with or anything at this point. 


However, God has promised me a specific amount that He will send and I have no choice to trust Him if I want to get through this without feeling the torture of panic.  


When a pig gives birth, they often have to separate the mom from the baby the moment that the baby is born. The reason for that is because out of the momma pig’s pain and anguish during the birth, she can sometimes lash out in anger from the birth pain and kill the newborn. 


That is what God meant when He told me to “go someplace else”. The way to get through the pain from all of the fears and worst-case scenarios is to get away from the pain of how things look outwardly and escape into hope. 


Cinderella overcame the pain of her mistreatment, by singing from the attic and dreaming of what she hoped would happen. That is how to really live by faith. We have to get away from the pain and troubles, by entering into the promise in the spirit and allowing it to become our reality. 


I had a dream last week and I was facetiming with Jesus (lol, I know right😂). The dream was not just a dream, but a full encounter with Him and a promise. He told me that He already paid for our new room and that I needed to “go there” early before the kids could come. 


What He meant by that, was that I needed to get away with Him in the spirit and use my imagination (faith) to see it happen. That is what inspired me to make the “Love Support” soak. It is a way to enter into the spirit with Jesus to experience the fulfillment of your prayers and promises before they are done. 


I have been going through so much warfare, as I try to keep my eyes on what Jesus said and not the fears and doubts. I keep deleting all of my social media and my DFTD page several times a day. The fear of this situation is just too much and I just want to run away and hide. 


Every time that I find myself wanting to break down and cry from the pressure and anguish, I make myself go into this soaking session with Jesus. It brings me instant relief, faith, and joy! I ended up trading my pain for gratitude because I feel like God has already come to the rescue and the pain is all over and done. 


Mark 11:24 says that if we believe that we have already received, then it will be done.


Faith must be active and we have to engage our faith with child-like trust for our desire to enter into our reality. Children are the best at imagining and feeling something to be so completely real. A child can get so lost in his imagination that nothing else exists at that moment in time.


Like children of pure hearts, it is important that we enter the sensation of “feeling” like it has or will occur so that the confident faith of knowing it is done emerges from the inside out.


God will show up to meet us at our place of expectations, so it is worth all of the gold in the world to make our expectations good!


I created this faith soaking activation as a way for me to apply and concentrate my faith. I needed a way to clear out all of the distractions and let myself “get lost” into the spirit with Jesus.


I know that it is truly blessed because of the amount of warfare behind it. The day after I released this one, the web store that I was using deleted all of my items, and they keep coming in and out. That is why I currently have 2 stores on my website at the moment. 


I spent hours this morning building a new store and trying to find all of my products. But I still hope that the other store will come back up, so I left them both up for the moment. So feel free to use whichever one is working! haha 🙂 


The pressures that we go through are the perfect place for our faith to become tangible. Our imagination is one of the most powerful ways to engage our faith and draw miracles into fruition. Jesus sees and knows when you are trusting Him by faith and He will surely reward your willingness to come to Him like a child and believe for the unbelievable.


I am praying for you today to experience so many tangible treasures from the unseen realm of the Kingdom. You have so many beautiful wonders to draw out from the intentional love that Jesus has for you. May those things that you hope for come quickly to the surface!



P.S. For those interested, here is the link to the new “Love Support” soaking. 


Love support–the new store

Love support–the older store (that I really hope not to lose)



God bless! 

Dannette 🐖