Water Inside


The Lord had to correct me the other day because I was starting to lean in the wrong direction. Instead of keeping my focus on Him and His promise to us, I started to look at all of the various ways that He sends our refill. 


Then He took me back down memory road, to an encounter that I had with Jesus long ago. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life so far. Jesus was giving me promises and talking to me. After He finished speaking, I went to tell others what He had said. 


The very moment that I started to speak, abundant waters poured out of my mouth. I can still remember how unusual it felt to have my words (His words) pouring out like water. 


After revisiting this encounter, the Lord reminded me that His promises contained all of the substance that we need within them. Our only job is to believe and receive them; beyond all doubt. And despite what our circumstances look like. 


So I repented and changed my attitude and focus. I started to concentrate on the promises that God had made and I read His words over and over. Like a slingshot being pulled back, after inserting the rock, the pressure started to come. 


If I have learned anything from these 4 years of living on a promise, it is that pressure is always a sign of release and breakthrough. Even though I was tempted to cry and give up, I kept speaking God’s promises and thanking Him in advance. 


I was driving to the mailbox to see if there was a miracle in my name because the deadline was getting really close for me to pay for my room. I stopped at the gas station on the way there and there was a message from the place where I get my rooms. They were asking me about extending our time and I needed the money right away to take care of everything. 


I started to pray, “Jesus save me”. Just then, my favorite song about a hero came on the music channel. I arrived at the mailbox and there was an envelope with my name on it and inside of the envelope, there was all of the money that I needed to pay the company for my room! 


I seriously wept like a baby, because I was so thankful. But in the back of my mind, I was still scared because I had drained all of the money that I had to pay for our place. 


Later that day, I had to run an errand and I really (desperately) needed to buy some food. I prayed again and I asked God to send me our food money before I got near the grocery store, so that I could stop and get some supplies. 


No joke, before I was even a mile away from the store, I got notified of a donation and it was just enough to cover all that I needed. Even though it does not always feel like it, the words of Jesus are full of tangible life to produce all that we need. It was so comforting to see Jesus manifest Himself through His support in every step of my day. 


As we consume and adhere to those words with our whole life, the water of His promise bubbles up to be the rescue to our ever-present need. I had a dream last night and I was eating an apple. In my love language with the Holy Spirit, apples always mean His abundance. 


The apple that I was eating was going to be tested to see if it had my DNA on it. It was like a test to see if my DNA matched the apple. Then God showed me that in order to see His promises manifest, we must come to a place in our hearts (and minds) where His word is who we are. 


Religion and those who have a religious mindset (knowingly or unknowingly) will pressure you that you have to earn God’s promises or tirelessly strive to see them become tangible. But He has always told me only one thing was needed and that is “TO BELIEVE”. 


Yet to believe is one of the hardest things there is to do. When you are in a drought or desert, your mind will try to trick you based on logic, that there is no water or support for you. But Jesus says that His support is within you and if you will claim His word and rest all of your weight on His promises, then the water will flood out to you. No one who adheres and believes in His promises will be disappointed in their expectations. 


He is a God of miracles and He is the well of living water within. All of life requires water to survive and very often water can be symbolic of financial supply, healing, fullness, comfort, etc. Jesus is our everything and He has already supplied all of our needs out of His riches. 


The key to releasing the water out of the driest, hottest, most uncomfortable spot, is to believe in His promises with total trust, and refuse doubt, even when the threats of danger come. Jesus has to be lifted higher in my thoughts, than the needs that I have. Jesus has to be lifted higher than those fears that try to hunt me down. 


If you are in a hard place right now or are experiencing the tremendous pressures of opposition, then just keep meditating on His promises. Keep chewing His promises and keep them as your focus and the water that He has hidden within those words will pour out abundantly above and beyond all that you hope or thought. 




Praying you are exceedingly blessed with tangible answers to prayers today! 


Love, Dannette