Beginning at the End



Before I took off to trust and follow God in this way of living, He gave me several promises. He told me that I would be Divinely compensated through my work on this blog because He would use it as an outlet to speak to and inspire many. He even directly told me to not go out and get a job, because His power would be manifested through my weakness. 


He showed me that my bank was filled to the brim with money from His love for me and that He would be our home, wherever the path would take us. He showed me that this journey would lead us to an apartment that was a gift to us from His heart. He even directly told me not to try to obtain a place for myself, but that He would open the door up. 


It takes great patience and trust for me to follow God’s orders and keep my path of faith. The whole purpose of this ministry is to show how to enter into the fulfillment of promises from God. And of course, the Father is having me walk it out before your eyes. The reason for that is so that I can walk with integrity and in accordance with the love letters that God gives. 


To those small-minded or religious-bound people who seem to be offended by this walk of faith that I am on, if you don’t like the testimonies of my faith walk, then move on. To those who are offended that God would choose me to speak His heart, because of my ugly past, then move on. Because God has chosen me to do this and everything that I share with you is out of obedience and God’s request that I continue to humble myself. 


Because Jesus does not refuse anyone because of their past and if you don’t understand that yet, then you have never met Him at all. That kind of thinking is actually anti-christ and so not of love. Love holds no record of wrongs. 


I woke up this morning wanting to throw in the towel and give up. I couldn’t stop the tears from pouring out of my eyes, because I was looking at the negativity of people and having to remove their carnal-minded words like swatting away flies. 


But then the Lord and someone really special to me came to comfort me with kindness and love. I am a very private person, but I have been very open online with my experiences of encountering God through times of desperation and impossible appearing conditions. 


Sure, I could be like all of the other mediocre-minded people and do things as man judges as right. I could take the advice of those who are not following the spirit, but only their flesh. But no, I don’t even care if this whole world turns away from me… I am sticking with God. Nothing is impossible with God. 


I am going to finish the calling that He has set before me. For now, at this time, it is to be like the lonely woman in the desert who encountered the God who sees all. I am here to find the hidden water and to explore the places where God has placed hidden riches for us to thrive. 


My calling is to walk in miracles and that means doing things that offend those who are malnourished in faith and unable to see beyond their own carnal-minded logic. 


This whole testimony that God is working through me is about beginning at the end. It is about believing the promises of God, in the driest-desert place–and seeing Him pour water out of the rock. The promises that God gave me to use on this journey are for here and now. 


Even when I cannot see it in natural, I have an abundance. Even when it doesn’t appear to be there, God richly supplies all of my needs. That is the key to faith…you have to believe it before you see it. 


I repent for taking offense at those who are offended by me and I forgive those who have chosen to pick up stones to throw in my direction. But your disapproval of me will not stop me from this love dance with God. In fact, you have been like the wave that pushes me closer into the arms of God. 


I will not stop but I will keep shining brighter because I believe in these promises passionately above and beyond my own life. One of the promises that God gave me was what He called the “key to true abundance”. He said that abundance comes from trusting in Him. 


He went on to give me a promise from Isaiah, that basically says, that even if my whole world fell apart, even if I had no one left—that His promise to love and support me would never fail and never break. His love never gives up. 


I would rather reach into the sea of His love by faith to pull out the tangible treasures of His promise than to bow to the hostility and harassment of a religious-minded man. Jesus is all I have in this world and I will never, ever stop following Him and obeying His voice. 


To those who have been so unconditional with love, encouragement, cheerful support—thank you. It means more to me than you could ever know. 







 Even if the mountains heave up from their anchors, and the hills quiver and shake, I will not desert you. You can rely on My enduring love; My covenant of peace will stand forever. So says the Eternal One, whose love won’t give up on you. Isaiah 54:10