Flooded with Promise


About 4 years ago, before Jesus asked me to follow Him on this journey to promise, He spent a very long time flooding me with promises. Before we even left, He gave me blueprints of the end results that would happen. He showed me exactly where our promised apartment (and later home) would be and He even showed me how it would happen. 


After He flooded me with the promises of where this journey would end, He confirmed it a hundred times in many ways. He wanted to make certain that I was fully aware and understood the promise that He had given. 


Those promises became the anchor for my soul through this journey and it has saved me (more than once) from falling into a trap of misleading. There have been so many “Jobs friends” along the way that tried to distract my attention off of what God had promised because they could not see the promise and visions that God had personally given. 


It was never wrong of those people, but part of walking by faith means that we have to trust what God says despite anything else. We have to trust what God says, even when the road ahead looks impossible and despite what the doubters might suggest. We even have to trust what God says despite what our senses would otherwise deny being true because of how the situation looks. 


I want to make clear to all who read this blog, that God has made a clear plan of a home for us and how it would come about. We are not walking in a place of emergency, but we are walking with total faith in Jesus to be trustworthy and true. 


God often asks me to be open and vulnerable with the process that I go through as I learn to die to my fears and learn to trust. It is painful, I won’t lie. I have cried more buckets of tears during these years than I can even count. But that is because I was in so much so bondage to fear and the process of learning to trust in an unseen promise in the midst of a terrifying situation was not always pretty. 


But I would rather be real with you and allow God to show His glory through my weaknesses than try to pose as someone who has no clue about what it feels like to live and die by faith. I have had leaders condemn me for showing that raw vulnerability but the difference between me and them is that they have never really, truly lived by faith…they only preach it. 


I would rather be honest and real and allow God to show His glory through that so that there would be no doubt that God has carried us through this all along. May His reputation be magnified through this testimony. 


God promised me that He would support us through this blog and that He would use the transparency of my testimony to be a place of blessing for us. Sometimes it is so hard for me to be open (I really prefer privacy, no doubt) but I do it for Jesus. That He would be exalted through my weaknesses.


As a little reward from Him, He promised to send us donations through this blog to serve as His hand to hold us up through His promise of support. I have also been judged for sharing our financial giving links too, but as Jesus has told me all along,  “I am on your side”. So I can choose to follow Jesus or I can be a slave to the opinions of man. I choose Jesus—every time. 


On that note, I would like to share that we moved today into a new place, with big thanks to those who helped. I spent everything I had to cover this week’s room and (as usual) I have no clue where the provisions for the next week will come or the food money for this time. 


But in over 4 years, God has never failed us and we have never been without His support. Part of the promise that He gave us was that HE would be our home until we reach the specific one that He promised. That means that wherever He takes us, He is our home and He will be our refuge from every storm. 


We ended up going to a place that is close to downtown and the kids totally love the city life of buildings and old historic homes. I personally do not like it, because I am not a city driver. That is like total anxiety for me, haha. So today I walked 20 minutes each way for a test that I needed to be done at the hospital. I was not about to try to figure out how to get through that mess. 


This is kind of like my Abraham story, where I have to follow the path that God lays out, without being able to see all of the steps. It is scary but it is also exciting and full of adventure. The kids love that they have experienced so many wonderful things. We have been all over the country and have lived in all sorts of interesting places. 


I feel blessed because at least I know exactly where the apartment that God promised us will be and I also know where the beach house that He promised will be. I just have to learn to stay behind God’s footsteps and be patient through the journey. 


My favorite time in all of this is when He gives us a break from the faith tests, and we are able to pay for our needs in advance. I am hoping and praying that He will burst through with some extra to cover the future a little more in advance so that I can get a little “soul rest”. 


Also, I have been hearing that some of my emails are not getting through and I don’t know what is going on, because I have not been getting any emails. So please be patient with me as I try to figure out what is going on. 


Thanks for your love and compassion to walk with me through this and for loving and accepting me when I am both falling apart under pressure or soaring by faith. I really appreciate how gracious that you have been and it is helping me to love better, because of how much I have been loved. I love you and I pray that God surpasses all of your hopes and prayers with His goodness. 



Love, Dannette