From Struggle to Comfort



I would like to share that God rescued us and provided for us to not be homeless through the kind-hearted donations on this blog. Not only did we get the joy of not going back to a slimy motel room, but God made a way for us to stay in the same building that we have been at since February. 


We have been staying at the top of a huge building, but we have moved to various rooms throughout our journey. This morning I finished moving us to this new room and it is so bitter-sweet. It is a beautiful room and the kids really love it because it overlooks a dog park–and they totally love dogs! 🙂 


But it is bitter in the sense that it is only temporary and that is really hard to handle. Every time that God takes us somewhere wonderful, it is so sweet with His personal love, but it is bitter because I know we are only passing through until He opens up a home of our own. 


At this time, we only have a week here, but I am praying with all of my heart that God would open up a way for us to stay a while longer. My head has been spinning all day, because every time that we move, it is beautifully chaotic. Moving just wipes me out and I have to find my balance all over again every time. 


I have not been able to stop crying tears of gratitude that God saved us this week. There was seriously no way that it looked possible and if it were not for God’s love and comfort that was extended to us, we would have had no place to go and it would have been so devasting. 


At the same time, I have been fighting off the heavy tears of pain, because it hurts so much to never be able to just stay someplace. I have to tell myself to trust God’s plan and that He knows what He is doing, but it really hurts. 


I feel like I am window shopping through the store of my dreams. But it is like I can touch it for a moment, but then it gets taken away. I keep taking my blender in and out of storage because I want so much to “take root” and have things, but I panic because of the limited space and how I must stay minimal with all of the moving. 


This week, before God broke through to rescue us, I felt like I was on the street because it felt so unstable. The only way that I could describe what I was feeling, was I needed comfort. People who don’t have a place to live or who have instability, usually are missing comfort. 


I really don’t know how to explain it, without having you walk through it yourself, but I have been craving comfort in such a deep and desperate way. My prayer is that God will allow us more time here or that He will bring us to a place where we can stay longer, to give us that comfort, and to catch our breath. 


I really believe that the place of our suffering will be the place where we are the most blessed. There is something very precious and bitter-sweet about meeting God in our place of misery to encounter His comfort. I wrote a little about it here: “He Came with Comfort”. 


Even though it is hard to walk through the discomforts, it is a blessing in disguise. The Lord has shown me that He will use my pain of being homeless to become a passion for helping others. Through the Lord’s riches, I will be opening up many homes of comfort for people who need that shelter and unconditional love from the Father. 


When we first got to this place in February, I was mesmerized by the snow that I saw falling out the windows. Because we were so high off of the ground, it looked like we were in a snowglobe and Abba always reminded me of His promise of the Hidden provisions that are always around us, from the post, “Kisses in the Snow”.


I love that God always has abundant provisions hidden for us, especially in times when it looks like there is nothing and we will go without. The truth is, some of the biggest blessings will emerge in times when we are walking through the struggles of lack. 


I am encouraging myself in the Lord today because this morning and last night my attitude was wrong. I was thinking so much about all of our needs and the fears, that I took my mind off of His promises. So I am cleansing my mind again with His promises and washing them in the pure waters of child-like faith again. 


I am human just like anyone else and sometimes I fall apart from the pressures and worries. I was telling my daughter not to unpack today. She was really excited that the room had a desk, but all I could do was think about the fears of having to leave again and what the next week will bring. 


She told me that we should not be living in anxiety and worry, by not using the things that God has blessed us to use. I had to repent because it was so true. I am sitting here in this place that feels like a dream come true. I have a bed and a comfortable place to relax. But all I have been doing is crying and worrying about how we will survive what is next. 


I am so sorry for being so forgetful. God is with us and He is always a best friend to help and keep His promises. Tonight I am going to climb up the sand dune that overlooks the lake and spend time reminding myself of God’s promises to always supply with abundance. 


It was in that exact place that I recorded the “Activated Abundance” audio faith soaking and it has been really heavy on my heart to begin making more faith activations like that. If I had never known the discomfort of walking through this kind of trial, then I would not have the kind of compassion and passion that I need to do what He has called me to do. 


I want to show that same love and comfort that God has given me, as He has rescued us from being homeless and given us shelter, to others. My heart leaps when I think about the future plans that will be unwrapped, as the pain of living like this is turned into beauty, to give other people a place of refuge when they have no other place to go and no one to help. 


That is a really beautiful thing, it is like being beautifully broken. Someday, I believe I will be thankful for this temporary discomfort because I will be able to share the same comfort that Jesus (and those of you) have given to me during this time of hardship. 💛 



Much love! Dannette




…The Father of compassion, the God of all comfort. He consoles us as we endure the pain and hardship of life so that we may draw from His comfort and share it with others in their own struggles. For even as His suffering continues to flood over us, through the Anointed we experience the wealth of His comfort just the same.  If we are afflicted with such trouble and pain, then know it is so that you might ultimately experience comfort and salvation…

2 Corinthians 1:3-6