Hidden Things



I was able to get my car fixed and that is such a relief. I am so thankful to not be stranded! I also was able to go to the doctor and I found out that I do not have strep throat. The bad part about that is it appears to be something worse and I will be getting follow-up treatment soon and I will be sharing about that at another time. 


Now that those big things are out of the way, I only need a miracle to pay for a place for us to stay. God keeps showing me that He will rescue us again and today He was very intentional with helping me to calm down and breathe through the intense pressure that I have been feeling. 


I have always been obsessed with finding the treasures that are hidden and the reason for this goes back quite a ways. It is like getting a secret love message from God that fills me with childlike faith and it helps me to remember to hold onto faith when it feels like I am drowning under pressure. I believe that He is all-present and all-knowing and that He has orchestrated our steps to encounter His intention love. 


When I was little, I remember swinging on the swings at a park and I saw something in the dirt. I hopped off of the swing and was so surprised to find a $10 bill. That was the biggest moment of my childhood because it started a fire in my soul to be a treasure hunter. 


I used to hide money behind my picture frames, just so I could forget about them and then be surprised later when I found a treasure. There was something so euphoric to me about finding something valuable that was hidden in plain sight. It gave a sense of child-like faith and wonder. 


When the kids were younger, I would take them to the beaches and to the playground and we would look for treasures. Sometimes we found jewelry, coins, shells, etc. It became a special bonding time between us that we loved very much. 


One time I volunteered at church to lead a prophetic treasure hunt for the kids. I wrote down scriptures or prophetic little “notes” from God and then I let the kids go treasure hunting to find them. It was so beautiful and touching to see the kids react to the treasures that they found. My kids still have their treasures and they have never forgotten the words that they received at that time. 


It was just before I left to follow Jesus like a vagabond, trusting in His promise of support, when I remember hearing a lady at church pray about Hagar in the desert. My heart fell apart and I began weeping uncontrollably. I felt the sheer agony and fear that Hagar must have felt when she and her child were about to die from having no provisions. 


But then the angel appeared and revealed to Hagar a well of water that was hidden in plain sight. That story means so much to me because I am living it now. I have been so afraid of God dropping me and my kids. I have been so afraid of their suffering and I have had to choose to think about God’s promise to us, even when I want to melt into a deep depression, panic, and fear. 


When God gave me this ministry, He marked it with Isaiah 45. He gave this ministry the theme of finding treasures in the darkness and secret riches in hidden places. This scripture is tattooed on my soul and has been the glimmer of hope in the most difficult times and it is also on my website, www.diamondsfromthedust.com 



I will give you hidden treasures and wealth tucked away in secret places. I will reveal them to you. Then you will know that I am the Eternal, the God of Israel, who calls you by name.

Isaiah 45: 3



In fact, the way that this ministry got its name started from a treasure. I was at church in worship and I got so lost in worship that I kneeled to the floor. I opened my eyes as my face was pressed against the dirty carpet and there was a diamond that was sitting there, sparkling through the dust. It was such a deep moment of encountering God and that is how this became “Diamonds from the Dust”.


Those who know me may know that I am like a ‘crazy penny lady’. Every time that I see a penny on the road or in the dirt, I stop what I am doing to pick it up and thank God. I have even been so crazy to stop in the middle of a road full of traffic to pick up a penny and I have held up lines at the coffee shop drive-through just to pick up the pennies that other people left behind that had been dropped lol. 


Today God knew that I would be needing some extra love. Every place that I went, I found a shiny penny on the ground and I thankfully picked it up. I was heading into the grocery store when I found my 3rd penny today and it meant so much that my eyes started to water with gratitude. 


But as I was loading my cart with food, I started to have a panic attack, because I remembered that in only a few days, I don’t know where I will be living. I didn’t know how I was going to afford it and I felt ashamed for spending money, even though it was vital for everyone to eat. 


By the time I left the grocery store, I couldn’t control the tears. I was completely broken because I looked away from God’s promise and His past faithfulness and I got overwhelmed with logic and reasoning. I rushed to the car as fast as I could, so I could let out the unbearable tears.


Before I even started the car, I had a notification on my phone that I received a donation. The donation was the EXACT amount of money that I had just spent at the grocery store! God replaced the money that I was so afraid to spend and that helped me to calm down and breathe a little bit better. 


On the way home, God reminded me of how easily Jesus provided for those who trusted Him, with a coin in the mouth of a fish. Jesus knew exactly where to find the hidden provisions and it came without effort. He told the guys to throw out their fishing line in the water and He said that the first fish that “rises up” would contain a coin of hidden wealth. 


Go to the lake and throw out your hook, and the first fish that rises up will have a coin in its mouth. It will be the exact amount you need to pay the temple tax for both of us. Mathew 17:27 TPT



God has been saying that He has an unlimited supply and He often reminds me of that by showing me an elephant. I have been dreaming of elephants a lot lately as the heat has intensified in the battle of faith over fear. 


In just a few days, hopefully, there will be a relief and I will have enough to pay for a room for us to have shelter. I know that God already knows where we will go and how it will be paid for. More than anything this has been a test of trusting in Him to support us when everything on the outside screams that it is impossible.


How truly wonderful is it that God puts so much detail in pursuing us with His perfect love. It is not fun to have those fears confronted, but I would have to say that the hidden treasures of watching Him become tangible to be our ever-present help is what keeps me going. 


Just writing this with you tonight helps me to remember to “look again” to find the well of hidden water. It is undeniable that God has seen this journey and I have to tell my soul to be still and trust Him to make a way for us–again. Also, I would love your prayers for this miracle that I need. My hope is that the relief comes sooner than expected. 





Love, Dannette