Facing the Waves



I had a dream last night and in the dream, Jesus gave me a chair to sit in. He said that I needed to have this chair facing the waves. All throughout the day, I started to understand that I was in some sort of storm. For starters, at the very beginning of the day, I gave everything I had to cover another week here and it is the last week because there is someone else holding our room. 


It is obvious that we will be going, but I am hoping it can be in the same building, in a different room. But, it looks impossible, because I cannot ‘see’ anything coming, aside from the little ‘love winks’ that God is giving me through signs and words. 


Also today, my car became completely undrivable, so I have to get it fixed before we can literally move lol. The final straw came towards the end of the day when I was running a fever and my throat glands were in major pain and throbbing. I looked in the mirror and I saw that my throat gland was completely covered in white spots, leading me to believe it is the symptoms of strep. So, going to the doctor is in my near future, but I need to fix the car first. (shaking head lol). 


I was pondering why God told me to sit facing the waves and then He reminded me of the Charles Spurgeon quote, “I have learned to kiss the wave that throws me against the Rock of Ages.”. 


Jesus began to to tell me to take a seat and watch what He does in the midst of this attack. I really believe that anytime we go through trials, that it is the perfect time to encounter the counter-action of God’s goodness becoming tangible. 


In the fear that is beating on my chest when I try not to fear being homeless next week, I believe that His love will show up to be our ever-present “home”, just as He has all of these years. 


Even though the waves have been crashing against me and I have been unable to save myself, Jesus will be our Hero to lift us up to walk upon the water. 


This week feels like the biggest faith test of my life, aside from the very beginning. But today I was thinking about the real truth of when I first booked those 5 nights in Gainsville, with no place to go and no way to support myself. 


I honestly believed that we were walking to our death. I thought that those 5 nights would be the beginning of our end. In my limited mind, I sort of expected that after those 5 nights, that we would have joined in with those people who lived in the woods and begged for change on the street corner. Yes, I had a huge promise from God, but my faith was never prepared to trust Him like that, and I had my doubts. 


Without any other options, I gave up and I walked off the plank. I was expecting to die because I had no other way out at that time. But then Jesus caught us and He held us up. He gave us a little more money to pay for a few more nights and so on. That cycle has gone on all of this time and I cannot imagine that God would abandon us now or take back His words after all that He had done so far. 


But the situation looks so scary and impossible. I cannot even figure out what God will do to help us. But God…I think that is enough and that is where I will end this for now. Until next time, when I share with you that something wonderful has happened. 


To anyone who has tried to email me through the [email protected] email, please forgive me. I have not been getting those emails, even though they were supposed to be forwarded. I am working out the kinks soon, but first I need to get back to feeling better as I ride out this storm. Hoping to see His goodness and live to tell about it!



Love you all 🙂 Dannette 



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I will move past my enemies with this one, sure hope:
    that with my own eyes, I will see the goodness of the Eternal
    in the land of the living.

Psalm 27:13