The Hope Stretch



I am sitting here this morning in the posture of being stretched. The Lord told me that the provisions that I needed are hidden in the position of being stretched. So I have hope that in a little while, the promised relief will follow. 


In this situation, to be stretched is holding a thought to a point that is beyond comfortable. This faith exercise builds strength and opens us up for new memories of seeing God’s intentional love. 


The exercise is to hold a thought of His promise and of a hopeful outcome, even though the situation is very scary. The Lord has been showing me that to have hope and only think the positive thoughts of His promises, is an act of humbling myself. 


He showed me a vision and the enemy was trying to get me to think about doubts, worries, and fears. But then Jesus led me downstairs to the lowest level of a house. The evil one that was pursuing me had bad knees and could not make it down those stairs of humility. Our safe place is in the posture of surrendering into faith in what God says, despite what we feel or see happening. 


I never realized it before, but to sit and think about the fleshly thoughts of fear, unbelief, worry…etc is a form of pride. In that case, I have been really, really prideful. Jesus has been teaching me to only think about His promises coming to life and to hold onto thoughts of hope. 


That is a form of surrender. It is surrendering into trusting God and opening our hearts to truly receive His promises without resistance. But in a place where I am now, it is really hard to deny the flesh that wants to worry and think about a bad outcome. 


I can’t see where our provisions are coming from and that is really scary on its own. I have desperate needs and they keep piling up. I have to keep telling myself that God knows and that He will not forget to keep His promise. 


To resist thinking about what we fear and to resist thinking about doubt is the place where beauty is found. It is that place where the ugly duckling transforms into a swan and what we have chosen to hold in our minds and hearts–unfolds into our hands. 


I won’t lie, I don’t like the stretching. It hurts to be pressed up against these fearful situations and to keep thinking positive thoughts when the selfishness in me wants to freak out and cry for help. 


 I have been getting really uncomfortable, as I have been waiting for God to show up to help, and holding this posture of hope during the slow waiting has been really hard. Because somewhere deep inside, I have this terrible urge to break down and cry with despair, which is the total absence of hope. Of course that is a total rejection of His promises too, so I have to choose who I will serve with my thoughts. 


We always hear about how we are supposed to “take up our cross and deny ourselves”. The Lord has been showing me that it means to deny ourselves bad thoughts, fears, doubts, worries, etc. It takes true strength to be hopeful and expect the positive results of His promise being made tangible, especially when the whole world is crashing around you. 


God loves and promises to bless us and provide us with an abundance. He promises that we can pray for anything and receive it, if we believe that we already have. The hard part is refusing to worry or think about a bad outcome–because that is anti-faith and being “double-minded”. God says that the double-minded man should not expect to receive anything from God. 


A positive person is a strong person who has developed the strength to resist the temptation to think a doubting thought. It is so much harder than it looks to stay in a posture of faith, hope, and love. 


It’s been a couple of days now of being in this stretch and I am preparing myself to continue through it until God reaches out with the relief to help. I have needs and things are getting really scary, but I have to believe that He knows and that He will not forget His promise to us of love and support. 


Stretching is a great way to release deep stress and worries. In the past few days, I have completely filled up my journal, as I have been giving my fears and burdens to God. That is the routine, I give Him my fears and needs and then go deeper into the stretch of surrendered belief. The hardest part of stretching for me is the slow pace because I want God to hurry lol. 


Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to stretch into faith and hope. 💛


Love, Dannette