Broken Wings



Hope is what gives wings to faith. It is by “hoping” and thinking about what we “hope for” that we are energized with the faith to see it happen. In the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of hope as a verb is “to expect with confidence, to trust, to desire with expectation of fulfillment”. 


Hope is crucial to see the manifestation of miracles. A person who has optimistic thoughts is “hopeful” and naturally flows into faith. But a person whose hopes have been crushed and broken is doubtful and naturally pessimistic with his or her thoughts. 


As I prepare for the next love letter that God is working with me on, I need to be honest with myself. There is a major problem that I need to deal with and hand over to God for healing. 


Several months ago I had a prophetic promise from God that my ministry would be granted a large amount of money so that we could move to the place that He is leading us to next. 


Like most prophetic words until they are fulfilled, I faced the opposite of what God had promised happen for me. I went through 5 months of denial and rejection, over and over again.


Every single week for the past 5 months, I have been approved for the grant. I would get so hopeful and excited, but then every single time, the approval would turn into denial and I would get (another) rejection letter. 


Since I had a prophecy from God, I kind of started acting like a jerk to the companies. I would apply every week, knowing that they would reject me. I did this partly just to “pay them back” with extra work and also because deep down inside, I still had hope that maybe this would be the day that God parted the waters for me. 


What I found was that going through so many broken hopes, had damaged my wings of hope. There have been areas where God has been encouraging me to hope for a fulfillment of answered prayers and I have been so broken inside from the ‘trauma of childbirth”, in birthing His promise to me. 


It even got to the point that I started to expect bad news and disappointment. I would pray for something and then I would wait for God to disappoint me. I started to gravitate towards doubt and unbelief, instead of the faith that says “nothing will be impossible”.


It is impossible to fly into what you hope for if your hopes are broken. The only way that the Holy Spirit has shown me to get past this, is to make room for the good things to happen, but letting go of all of the past disappointments and denials. 


He keeps highlighting the word “expansion” to me. Just like Isaiah 54 in the Message, Sing, barren woman, who has never had a baby… You need to make room for the fulfillment and even more room than before–because you are expecting more! For every setback and delay, there is always an increase that is above and beyond what you ever imagined. 


Even though God has been showing me the signs of the fulfillment of His promise approaching, I have bitterly ignored Him. I really apologize to Him for that. We need to come to a point where we are willing to let go and detach ourselves from the pain of disappointment. 


Because God is saying that everything is different now. Today is NOT yesterday and tomorrow will be even better than before. If we do not heal from the broken hopes, then we will constantly see the same negative cycles happen. 


Have you ever seen a moth trying to fly with a broken wing? It goes in a circle, round, and round but never goes anyplace higher. That is how I have been for weeks, just going in circles in my mind, wanting to trust Him, but not being able to get past the disappointments that I suffered. 


Sometimes the only way to heal from broken hopes is to do as Abraham did and “hope against hope”. The MW dictionary describes the “hope against hope”, as “to hope without any basis to expect fulfillment”. What if today, we just listened to Jesus and cast our nets back into the waters with hope and confidence in Him to fulfill and answer our prayers? 


He is saying, “My beloved, I know and understand that you have tried many times and you have been hurt often. I know that you were disappointed before and you are afraid to trust once more. But My cherished one, I am asking you to hope and have confidence again, because of My word. What happened to you will not happen again.


The disappointment of yesterday was only used to give you better today. Let My love restore your flight, and hope and expect that I will make your hopes tangible this time. Inhale new confidence and trust–not because of what happened before–but because this is a new day and I am going to do so many wonderful things to make your experience better than you ever dreamed. 


Look up and get ready, because I am sneaking up on you with surprises and gifts–unlike anything else! Surrender every memory of disappointment and rise up again with hopeful thoughts. Look at My love for you and look at My promises. Depend on My love to hold you up with fulfillment of all that you hope. Begin today anew and fresh and be hoping and expecting the very best!” 



I am going to take a moment to unload all of these broken hopes back to Jesus and place them on the cross. They are gone, wiped away. Now, I am ready to breathe deeply and rise again with renewed hope–like a butterfly with new wings–ready to rise. 



Much love, Dannette





  Fill the air with song, you who’ve never experienced childbirth!

You’re ending up with far more children

    than all those childbearing women.” God says so!

“Clear lots of ground for your tents!

    Make your tents large. Spread out! Think big!

Use plenty of rope,

    drive the tent pegs deep.

You’re going to need lots of elbow room

    for your growing family.

You’re going to take over whole nations;

    you’re going to resettle abandoned cities.

Don’t be afraid—you’re not going to be embarrassed.

Isaiah 54 The Message