An Important Test




Hey, fam! I am in the process of building the prophetic school that the Lord instructed me to create. It may not be much at first, but I trust where God is taking this ministry and I love what He has revealed already. I was inspired by Him to share one of the posts from the group page. Each week I add one or two new posts with activations so that the prophetic gift can be activated and exercised.


I am excited to see what God does with it! I didn’t think it could be time to build the school because others have not been interested in it yet. However, this is the path that He is asking me to take and I just have to trust Jesus on this. I felt the same way when God asked me to write the book. I was thinking, “they are gonna laugh at it, Papa, no one even knows who I am”. But His way and not my way is the only way.


I hope you enjoy this one titled, “An Important Test”. You are welcome to join in if you like, There are already some really helpful resources on the group page with many, many more to come. I designed the group hoodie myself and today I received it in the mail. It was way better than I expected too! Great things are ahead and only getting better! 🙂




An Important Test 


One of the first tests that I had when beginning in the prophetic was also one of my biggest mistakes. It was a very painful lesson that I learned that caused me years of sorrow and anguish. I am going to share this important test with you so that you do not have to endure the same awful experience as I did. 


I was so fresh and new in the prophetic. So new in fact, that I didn’t even know anything. Except for one thing—I knew that the Father had spoken to me audibly in a moment that I would never forget for the rest of my life. 


It was only days since I had that encounter with the Father and in the encounter, He told me what His plan was for my family and future. Not knowing any better, I shared it with several people. One person with who I shared the word of knowledge, connected me to a lady who operated in a highly successful prophetic ministry. 


I was in awe of her from the beginning. She was so beautiful and confident. I wanted to be just like her! She was practically famous in our sphere of influence and I took every word that she said in such reverence, that you would have thought that she was God herself. 


I shared with this highly respected leader what the Father had told me. The first thing that she did was redirect me and tell me that I was wrong. She told me that I needed to leave with my kids to another state and go see her so that she could give me hands-on deliverance. (that should have been the first eye-opener lol). 


I did as she said because I put more trust in what she heard from God than what I heard from God. The entire experience was very traumatic and it caused me and my family deep pain. I almost got thrown in jail for what I did and I could not even eat while I was with her, because I was so sick. I was sick to my stomach because I was out of God’s will. 


As a learning curve, the Lord let me follow her for a little while. She eventually convinced an entire church that I was an angel of light in disguise and a witch. When that happened, I didn’t even know who I was, so that accusation sent me into a decade-long identity crisis. 


I completely shut down for years and just cried alone with Jesus. He was there and our love grew strong from what should have taken me out of ministry altogether. I learned from that experience that I needed to have faith and confidence in what God tells me and not to put someone else above what I hear from God. 


There are some things that God will only show you–because it is your story. No matter how famous or respectful a prophet is, now I have learned to never put what they hear from God above what I am confident that He has shown me. 


God will use the weak to teach the wise and He will raise up the “least of these” to sit in the highest places of honor. So please my friend, trust what you hear from God and have faith in Him alone. I will never put my faith in a man, but through that dark time, I learned to lean on the Beloved as my everything. And now because of that, I have full confidence in everything that He says and discernment to know when a word is ‘off”. 


The take away from this is to be led by Jesus and never put someone up higher than Him. Even the highest, most famous prophet can be wrong, But you can count on Jesus to always lead you right. He loves you so much and I pray that you will pass this test when it comes. 





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