Making Jello


I had this vision a few days ago that appeared out of nowhere. The Lord showed me that He was going to help me “make Jello”. After I received the vision, I fought against it and I prayed that it would be anything other than Jello. 


The reason that it brought me so much distress is because I understood what He meant by the process of Jello. It is a sweet powder mixture that is mixed with 2 parts of water to set. 


The first part of making Jello is adding the mixture to boiling water. That is the part that I was fighting against. Because in my experience of living by faith for His promises to manifest, adding boiling water or high temperatures indicates a time of going through pressure. 


Going through pressure (for me) is when I am clinging to His words with all of my life, even though there is no sign of anything happening. Immediately following this vision from Him, I started to go through that part of “boiling water”. 


I have been in deep need and I have had no way to save myself, other than putting all of my trust in His promise to provide what we need next. As the days have gone on and what I had in my account went lower, I started to crack under the pressure. 


For the past two days, I have spent most of my evenings weeping uncontrollably, just praying for Papa to come and relieve the pressure with the tangibility of His promised support. 


The thing with Jello is, I know this isn’t over. After the sweet mixture is absorbed into the boiling water, then comes the relief of stirring in the cold water. The cold water, after being in the fire of faith-testing is the best part. 


It reminds me of when I went through Hurricane Irma this past time when we lived in Florida. I remember is was always so hot outside, but the moment that the hurricane moved on by, it brought the most refreshing cool breezes through.


During a time when the heat was unbearable in Florida, those cool breezes were a tremendous relief and a source of great comfort. That is what I am hoping that God will bring next, the refreshing relief of comfort. 


Last night, I cried for what felt like hours. When I was finally resting my mind and asleep, the Lord gave me promises of comfort in my dreams. He showed me that He would send a double comfort. 


When you are depending 100 percent on faith for a miracle to happen out of thin air, there are various levels that the soul (mind, will, and emotions) will travel. It is an exercise and, to say the least, it can be exhausting. 


Like a roller coaster, it is normal to experience highs and lows to believe before you can see it–especially when your life depends on it above anything else. It is a constant battle to deny the doubts and fears when nothing seems to be happening. 


I started out this season much stronger than what it feels like now. Since before Christmas, it has been a miracle after a miracle for us to get our needs covered. But it has also been faith-testing after faith-testing. 


The other day, I just collapsed from the inside side out, and I cried to Papa between the tears, “I just need to catch my breath!”. It feels like that too, there hasn’t been enough time to catch my breath between the testings of faith. 


Like waves of His love rescue sweeping in, He has sent bursts of all that we needed. It would go high like a raised wave to cover all that I needed from Him, and then it would go so low that I felt like I was being dragged along the sand and being scraped by rocks. 


That is where I stand right now, waiting for the next wave to wash in to refresh our needs, like the cool water that is added to make the Jello stand on its own. I know that His words will not fail to produce the sweetness that He promised, but I am tired and I am asking for help. 


It seems like there are so many things circulating to cause chaos and distraction right now. It feels like any hopes of me being noticed are hanging by a thread. I keep reminding myself that He will never forget us and He is here. I am clinging to Jesus to become our Ever-present Help–like our sweet Jello to appear and hold us up again.



With love, Dannette



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