Come as you are



To say that you must have full healing or perfection before God will call you into full ministry is a lie. I have seen people who are leaders (always pretending to be perfect) try to tell people not to follow certain kinds of “imperfect” people. But that goes against everything that God says and does. Just look at how God spoke through a donkey lol. 


He chose David out of all of his “perfect” looking brothers. Also for someone to try to direct other people away from a certain prophetic voice..that behavior does not come from the heart of God. Because that is using the deceit of control and manipulation to try to discolor someone else’s reputation. 


We have all heard it said that when Jezebel cannot stop someone from speaking or rising up with confidence, that she will try to seduce others into not following that person and believing lies about them. 


After all, it was Satan who was the one who was obsessed with perfection, not God. To be Holy is to believe (despite every mistake and flaw) that you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Holiness is a mindset and as you believe, the holy behavior naturally follows. 


God will cause you to rise up and lead others just as you are. God will put His words in your mouth, just as you are. Look at Gideon. His soul was not in perfection. In fact, he was paralyzed with fear. That is the beauty of it all. God demonstrates His power through our weaknesses. 


That is the glory of God. Otherwise, we would be giving ourselves glory. But when we are vulnerable and open to reveal our weaknesses, the Father will turn those weaknesses into a portal of His power and love. 


Don’t let anyone (even if they are famous) convince you that you have to reach perfection before you can express the heart of God. The truth is, in their fakeness, those leaders are probably less healed in soul and emotions than you. Because they are not being honest about how much God loves to raise up the imperfect, the outcasts, and the most unlikely among the earth. 


Come as you are trust that God will defend you. 






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