Not Alone



Sometimes it takes feeling alone to discover that you are not. I went through this time not too long ago. It was so scary because I was desperate and in need. I had no one that I could go to and to be honest, I was in a place where I just wanted to lean on Dad. I was tired of having to humble myself to share my journey online. I was over the part of having to show my weaknesses 


I just needed my Dad and I needed His help. I had all of these fears about my situation when I would look at my bank balance and the approaching deadlines. The Holy Spirit kept showing me signs that provision was coming, but I just could not get my heart to rest. 


I started to become frantic and I closed my eyes. Tears were pouring down my face and I said, “Papa, please send me a sign of provision coming according to your promise. Even if it is only a couple of dollars. Let it be like the dove bringing back the olive leaf for Noah. I need to be comforted that you here. Please show up now at this moment. I need to know I am not alone…..” 


Shortly after I finished my prayer, I had a notification that I received a $5 donation. It may have seemed very insignificant to the one who sent it, but to me, it was everything. It was that intake of oxygen that helped me to breathe a little bit more. 


He really is here. He is ever-present and ready to show Himself at the sound of your voice. His promise is so real. When I am going through a time of desperate need, sometimes all it takes is to talk to Him and ask Him to show Himself through the manifestation of His words. 


I have been listening to this song all morning. I just need to feel Him and I love to imagine that this song is Dad, singing to me personally. As you listen, I pray you are drenched with His hugs from Heaven to know that He is in this place with you. 


Only He knows how much this hurts, to walk by faith. It can be terrifying when the things that He promised do not match the natural circumstances. It can feel like there are times when no one cares anymore. It is in those times of feeling so alone, that He shows Himself through one means or another–to remind you that you are not. 




Love 💚Dannette 



“I am here”