Wounded Dreams



Hello out there! I had it on my heart to share with you something that I had been battling and how the Lord showed me how to overcome it last night. Like so many of Abba’s kids, He has given me huge dreams of soaring to extreme heights. It’s funny because the person that He has shown me to be is much different than what I look like now. 


About a month or so ago, I started to shrink away and even hide from that dream that God was calling me into. I resisted any sort of rising and tried to stay small and hidden. Going through this open road of living through faith and sharing the letters that the Lord has given me to rise above the impossible-looking circumstances started to get to me.



I was tired of being seen, misunderstood, and criticized by those who did not realize His plans or the importance of those types of love letters in overcoming the assaults of witchcraft. So, in reaction to my effort to run away from my calling, I stopped sharing the love letters on my personal page, like I used to. I stopped allowing myself to be seen and I hid from the quiet little safe place behind my blog.



I also unfriended about 3000 people. Most of them were either people that I didn’t even know (some were not even alive or real people) or some people who had no interest in being a friend. I never intended to hurt anyone but I just didn’t like the fakeness of “false loyalties” and unfriendly alliances. Maybe it was wrong, but I wanted to start over and have people on my page who really wanted to be there and not only be friends out of some weird “social obligation”. 


Some of the very people on my friends’ lists were also the same ones who gossiped about me (in the name of Christian prayer…shaking my head) or who were trying to gather others against me (that is not a friend, no thank you, haha). 


I will say that I probably deleted some on accident because once you get going with the delete button, it gets kind of freeing and I got out of hand lol. For that, I truly apologize and I know that I probably shouldn’t have done that. 


Anyway, the Lord showed me that my dream had been wounded and that I needed to get my voice back. He showed me who I was becoming, as a giant eagle whose voice would bring change and healing. Then He showed me where I was now and it was a smaller bird, like a falcon. He said that the falcon needed to have faith in God’s dreams and plans for her. I need to trust God better basically and have faith in His plans. 


He also said that the way to heal from those dream wounds and to reclaim my voice was called the “fear factor”. To do the “fear factor” means to do what you dread, because the fears are the things that try to hold us back and destroy those dreams. Also, my way of hiding was self-protective and not trusting in God. In reality, I was being very selfish with my gifts, instead of using those gifts to bless others and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to share openly. 


So, starting very soon, I am going to walk through those dreads and face those fears. I am hoping to come back alive on my personal Facebook again and begin sharing the voice that God has given me to use. In order to reach those dream heights that God has placed in our hearts, it means going against the resistance and doing the exact thing that makes us afraid. 


Isn’t it so like God to give us a dream that is the opposite of our weakness? It is so perfect that He uses His love for us to show us how to become the exact person of our dreams. Like He has always told me, “you can go as high as you want, as long as you don’t look down”. So, I am changing my attitude and choosing to trust the dreams that God has for me once again. 🙂 




Love and blessings,






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