Receiving in the Spirit




A long time ago I wrote about my “Nutcracker” faith-testing. Little did I know then that the Nutcracker faith test was a double test of believing for what we needed while under extreme pressure from how things look in the natural realm. 


To give you a little quick recap, I had been waiting for a deposit that God promised me so that we could go to the place that He had called us to next in a post called, “Everything that could go wrong”. At that time, the Holy Spirit had revealed to me that I was being bullied by spirits that were aggressively trying to resist me from receiving this promise. 


That deposit still did not come and our time and obvious provisions had started to diminish like sand that slipped down through an hourglass. I have been in the intense flames of believing what God has been promising while everything looks the opposite in the natural. 


If I can be honest, it has been almost an unbearable process of weeping and giving my fears (and tears) to the Father and then standing back up to believe again. My comfort in the suffering is the promise that God has made to show up to rescue us and I keep telling myself that this discomfort will all be over soon. 


Yesterday I decided to try to apply for the grant that God promised us through the same company. I was so excited and relieved when I got an email saying that we were approved with instructions on how to proceed. Without a delay, I signed into the website and proceeded to accept the offer. 


Immediately after I accepted the gift, the whole screen changed and it said that I was denied. AGAIN!! 🙁 I was hoping it was some computer error, so I called the company to ask. The woman on the phone assured me that there was no error. Before I even hung up the phone, I could not stop the tears from pouring out of my eyes and down my skin. 


I knew that this promise was going to come after a time of being tested in faith. Everything in the world has told me that nothing was going to happen and at the same time, the Father keeps comforting me with signs and promises of His love coming to help us. 


I am praying today that His love rescue would come soon because we need a miracle before the next few days. Even after all of this struggle and pain, the Father keeps saying that there will be a big reward for all of the pain and a double blessing for the suffering. 


Last night the Lord met with me in my dreams and He told me that the next time that I get a surprise gift like that one from yesterday, that I need to claim it in the spirit immediately. In the example, He showed it was like “unclaimed” luggage. As we claim it in the spirit, it becomes ours legally and when God gives us treasures in the spirit, they cannot be taken. 


So today I stand with you by faith and I claim this gift from Papa in the spirit and that it cannot be stolen from us again. I also thank Jesus in advance for saving us this week and that there will be more than enough. 


My daughter needed paint for her school assignment today and I went into Michaels to get some for her. In the front door of the store, there stood an enormous man-sized nutcracker doll. It made me laugh because of the fire that I have been walking through. It also reminded me that God has a plan for us and that He will see that plan through. 


I am looking forward to sharing the good news with you and to finally see the relief come through. I ask that you will stand with me in this agreement and say a prayer for our family. Also if God leads you to do so, we really could really use some extra help until this special gift comes for us to move.





With love, Dannette


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