A Quick Heart to Heart



Hello, my dear friend, I would like to share something with you today and I hope you can accept my apologies. A couple of weeks ago I sent a few emails to those in the friend’s partnership to explain my decision to end the “Friends of Refreshing” ministry entirely. I was only going to send this message out to about 4 people who were previously enrolled, but I am following the Holy Spirit’s leading to send it publically. 



Despite my choice to end the program, the Lord has been convicting my heart to keep it going, I had requested to Him that it could end and I have to honestly admit that the main reason that I wanted to stop that ministry was out of the fear of the past and the discomfort that comes with exercising the gift. Because when moving by faith there is always a risk and discomfort as we lean and rely on the unseen realities. But as the saying goes, “what good are wings without the courage to fly”. (Atticus)



The Father gave me grace and allowed me to move forward with ending things, but lately, He has been talking to me about letting go of the past (and the fears of the past). When I first started flowing through the prophetic, I was young and very careless with the words that I gave. It was a time of growth and I was learning how to flow with purity. But often I was in the wrong motive for using the prophetic gifts. 



For a little while, I even partnered with a ministry who charged money for prophecies and after that, I had an encounter in the “mail room of Heaven” where I was rebuked for my motives behind serving with that gift. All of those prophetic words back then were returned to me unfulfilled and that was many years ago. The outcome was that I hurt many people, but the good part was the Lord gave me a teaching book that I published called “Ready to Release the Rain”. The book is found on the online store, here Diamonds from the Dust Store



In that book, I am able to share my experience with the prophetic and how the purity of our flow is so important. The problem that I had after that experience was that I vowed to never do personal prophetic words again. Instead, I cooperated with the Holy Spirit to do these love letters. 



These letters are letters that He has opened up to me to teach me how to live by supernatural faith. The Father said that this ministry serves as a “teaching prophetic” voice to show His children how to fly into the miraculous by the power of faith. The letters are like diamonds and as the Lord turns the letters, He is able to speak to others individually as different lights reflect. 



I wept for days and I cried to God that I never wanted to hurt anyone again. Yet those days are so long behind me and the Lord has expressed to me that He has plans for me to build a prophetic school to teach others about those secret prophetic mysteries and the downfalls of operating out of an unclean heart of selfish greed and personal promotion. 



When the Lord asked me to start the Friends of Refreshing program, I was really challenged within. He said it was a “partnership” and that I would use my gifts to refresh those who were regularly sowing into this ministry on a monthly basis. For me, it is a surrender of self to do this program because of my past pain and fears of ever hurting anyone. But I have to trust God on this one and decide that I have to have the courage to fly, even if it means that I fall. 



Therefore I am re-opening up the Friends of refreshing program to those who are drawn by God to sow into this ministry through a monthly partnership. I cannot promise perfection, but what I can do is offer my heart to Jesus and trust that He will use every turn as a way to be a blessing–and be blessed! 



The monthly refreshment that you will receive may be very short or long. It may be a prophetic projection or it may be a simple encouragement. It will be whatever I am led to share with you along the journey. The space is very limited for this program and I cannot guarantee how long it will last. If you would like to join, just follow this link below. I have set the base amount at 50, only because I don’t want to get overwhelmed with too many signing up. It is better to have quality over quantity. 



The best part of doing this for me is when I get to see the fruit of people encountering the intentional love of God. I have no idea how this school will be starting, but I know it will be an online school for people to safely grow and develop their beautiful wings to fly in the prophetic ministry. I would also like to encourage you to contact me if you would like to practice using your prophetic wings through serving in this ministry. I am trusting that God will show me how to grow into the vision that He has for this ministry. 



*Also to those select few who have been receiving the letters up until the month, no action is needed. Your place will just resume as it was. 



If you have any questions you can contact me at [email protected] 


Sending lots of love and blessings, 



Dannette Lynn, Diamonds from the Dust LLC




Friends of Refreshing Partnership