An Update on Miranda





Many of you may remember when I introduced you to Miranda. Miranda and her mom followed Jesus to stay at a motel to escape a situation of trouble and abuse. It has been roughly 2 months since I first posted Miranda’s story. Her story is highly unique and she has had to follow an unusual path that has not been accepted or understood by most people. See the story here: 



However through her faith journey to trust the Father as her provider, she has kept courage and hope, even in the darkest looking situations. Since I last shared with you, Miranda has been sleeping in her vehicle and closely following the instructions from Jesus each day and night about what to do next.



Because of the high sensitivity of her situation, she has had no other choice but to blindly trust Jesus with her life by faith and to do things a little bit differently. God has a unique path for each person and all too often we have to trust His personal path for us, despite the risk of being criticized or judged by those who cannot see the vision or precious words that God has instructed us with. 



Another difficulty that Miranda has had to face is the location that she is in is heavily clouded with smoke from the fires and that makes it very difficult for her to stay in a vehicle. I know Jesus is walking with her and I trust in her faith to follow Him. Sometimes we all just need a little help from our Jesus friends and that is why I am writing to you tonight. If it were not for your support and trust in God’s plans for me and my kids, things could have been extremely worse for us. 



So I am asking us all to set aside any judgments about this lifestyle and to help our friend Miranda. No one ever knows the pain of walking this way until it happens to you. I sat crying tonight, still trying to heal from it myself. Having to depend on a miracle to survive is not for the weak of heart. 



My prayer is that we can all come together to form a bridge of love and support to help Miranda cross over to the safety and comforts of refuge. She needs financial help for food, gas for her car, a motel room to get a shower, etc. My eyes flood with tears, just thinking about her not being able to have a shower or enjoy the warmth of a soft blanket in bed on a rainy night. God has big plans for this girl and her suffering will not go without the blessings of trusting God. 



 God is faithful to show Miranda and her mom the steps He has for them. Tonight, I am asking for your hands to be like Jesus and to give her a little of your comfort. To help the least of them is to help Jesus. May He openly reward your honor to serve Him and love His precious Miranda. Thank you, family. God bless and multiply you richly for your sacrifice. 




Love Dannette 




To send Miranda and her family a love gift:$MountainBirds