Protecting Your Prayers

A love letter from Jesus. 




I will protect the territory of your prayers while you do the hunting for the hopeful outcome that you desire to obtain. Stop weeping over the delays and unanswered prayers that you want to take place. Your faith to believe is changing everything, like a lion whose roar can be heard for miles. 



From the majestic place of My power, there is beauty breaking through. I have blocked off all loss and the disappointing disgrace to ensure that you encounter the experience that you are hoping for. Wait with hope and expectation–remember that I am loyal.  My steady-love will not fail to deliver your much-anticipated results. 



Don’t be intimidated with doubts. Don’t give them a second thought because I am striding ahead of you. Be fearless and graceful to believe that I am moving with your voice. I am right here with you as a firewall of love and protection. I won’t let you down and I will never leave you. I will be shining My glory through the passionate boldness of your highest thoughts.  



Believe in your prayers as you lean into Me as your All-powerful protector. I will never back down from administering justice and delivering promises. I have overshadowed you with My loving-kindness to manifest My power out of your willingness to trust and believe. Become a believer in your prayers from the inside first. Keep your eyes ahead with total confidence in My saving help. 



Lie down and rest in the desired outcome, like a lion with nothing to threaten him. Who dares to rouse your place of trustful resting? Look, the Lion of the tribe of Judah has overcome and conquered! I will devour anything that opposes your prayers from coming to pass and I will shatter every obstruction with My arrows.



This is the secret–I have told you in advance so that your joy would be full and overflowing now at the guaranteed fulfillment. Trust in My all-knowing presence and relax into My timing. Believe that I hear your requests and be certain that you have what you have asked. Let out a roar–it is already yours–only have faith.



Act and think as if it has already happened. The changes within are pushing your dreams into your present reality. Think bigger. Expect bigger. Pray for bigger. Make room to receive. Continue to filter your focus on positive thoughts of a hopeful outcome. Hold your thoughts of faith with consistency as you draw it from the inside out. 



You are always blessed and your prayers are blessed to come true. Expect something good.  I will bless you with the fulfillment that you hope and infinitely more. For I alone will be your radiant hope, roaring like a Lion and inspiring awe to protect the desired outcome of your prayers.





Written by Dannette Lynn