Migrating into Promise

A love letter from the Father. 



Like a migrating bird growing restless to move, be ready for a very wonderful and unexpected change to occur. A bird will move to places of plentiful resources to escape the danger of impoverished lands. I am going to show you new ways to prosper, like autumn leaves revealing their richest colors and golden crowns. 


Before a bird can fly, it must take the risk to fall. Don’t forget that I am the One who provides–as a bird leading to the fish. Commit your life–and every moment–into My hands and depend on My faithfulness. My love promises are a gift–not to be earned or worked for.


Eliminate any feeling of unworthiness and remind yourself that the blood has made you clean and approved. Give Me any judgment that you have against yourself from wrong choices or behaviors. Trust in My forgiveness and indulge in the sweetness of  My righteousness. 


There are no borders for a bird as he tests the freedom of the wide-open air. Fly like a cheerful blue bird into the freedom from your troubles as you think from the place of promise attainment. Never limit the way that I can bless you nor question whether or not I am with you. I have secret places of riches and undiscovered wealth tucked away that you have never even considered. 


Stay close to My voice, as a songbird depending on his inherited genetics to guide him through the solo journey. I will often lead you to help those who need it the most, as you extend My heart to love others as you love yourself. Helping others is a way to reveal My personal love and it also works as a seed for you to produce tremendous results. 


Generosity brings prosperity, so don’t hold back–but give freely and without holding personal judgment. As you help others you will be saturated with favor and never in lack. Always abounding—without a doubt you will have plenty poured back to you with blessings brimming over! 


Consider My words like a promise of love–a rose that you can trust. You can relax because I will never miss a bloom. Majestic roses are never rushed or hurried but the seed that was planted is certain to unfold. I am always on time to bring My love gifts to you. My promise was sent as your loving rescue and it will not be returned unfulfilled. So wait eagerly and soon you will see all of your dreams coming true. 


I have so much good stored up for this time, like a treasure chest spilling over with countless blessings. Despite any fear or troubling emotion, keep My promises above every problem and trust in My words alone. Lose yourself into My vows and trust Me to hold you up.


My love gift to you is like a rose that never stops blooming–and nothing says ‘I love you’ more than when it is continuously expressed. Out of My fullness, you will be filled and refilled again, drenched with an abundant fountain that streams and overflows with delightful satisfaction. 


Rely on My steadfast love and faithful blooms, I will do much much more than you have ever thought of! The thorns will give way to rich velvety roses and you will be constantly reminded that My love can be trusted. There will be more than you ever hoped for and enough for every need and desire. So get ready–be expecting–and anticipate the generous display of My kindness. 





Written by Dannette Lynn