The Nutcracker Gift



In the most recent update that I had given to you, I had shared how God had given us a gift of enough to pay our room ahead for 2 months. When I last wrote about the faith-testing journey, I was explaining that I was praying for a miracle because those 2 months were running out and I had to believe again that God would show up for the next step. 


Shortly before I began to believe that God would give us what we needed next, I was given a wonderful promise from God. In a vision, He gave me a birthday gift (a promise fulfilled). Inside of the gift box, there was a white porcelain nutcracker doll of Richard Simmons. 


After I saw this little doll, the Lord explained to me that the reason it was a Richard Simmons doll was that the gift would come after a test (faith exercise). He also revealed that it would require constant positive thoughts of faith to overcome the fears and doubts. That is why the Lord gave me Richard as an example because I used to love watching him cheerfully lead aerobics in “sweating to the oldies” lol! He would always keep a positive attitude and a smile on his face, even when covered in sweat. 


After that, the heat started to get turned up and I was sweating through the combination of the intensity of my needs and all of those terrible “what if’s” of a bad outcome. My bank was almost out of money and I had to pay for our room again. But just like the lady with the issue of blood, I had to choose to allow my thoughts to be an outlet for my faith to be released. 


For several days, I spent most of my time thinking and speaking out God’s promises to us for provision. I also tapped into the inner child-like faith, by imagining us getting the money that we needed, as a way to believe that we already had it, so it would be done from Mark 11:24. There were moments when it felt so real that I was crying tears of thankfulness. 


Things started to get really intense and I was breaking under the pressure. My flesh wanted to cry out and give up. Yet if I have learned anything through all of these experiences is that the breakthrough happens just past the breaking point so I had to keep going.  I was resisting the thoughts about where we would go or what we would do if we ran out of money. 


It was so hard and I cannot even express the level of anxiety that I was battling. Then, I realized that this test was a test  of who I believed that God was for me. I started to get mad at those fears and I said, “no! God won’t drop us! God won’t fail us! God loves us and He would never abandon His promise to hold us up!”. 


I wanted to weep and let myself go down that slippery slope of despair, but instead, I kept saying it over and over, that God loves us. God loves us. God loves us. All at the same time, there were hot tears running down my face. At that point, my heart was pounding in my chest and I could barely breathe because the moment of warfare was so extreme. I remembered that the Father once told me that anything that I would pray for that He would give to me. 


So I told Him that I was using that free coupon. I asked Him to send me the relief of money tonight in my account and after I prayed, I kept thinking “nothing is impossible” over and over so that there was no time for a fearful thought to get into my mind. 


I am serious when I tell you that it was within that hour that I checked my bank account and there was a deposit that had come in that was enough to cover 2 more months! God honored that prayer and He did just as I asked Him to do. The test of faith was about trusting who God was for us, more than anything. It is knowing and adhering to His personal love. When we truly believe that He loves us and His plans are for our good then nothing can stop us from seeing miracles become tangible. 


In the original nutcracker story, the godfather was a famous toymaker and he gave little Clara a nutcracker doll out of His personal love for her. The nutcracker doll came alive (just like God’s words to us). An army of mice attacked the nutcracker and there was a big war. Happily, the good guys overcame the battle and the mouse king lost his crown and the mouse king’s spell was broken. Then Clara was transformed into a beautiful princess in a glittering gown. The nutcracker doll became a handsome prince and he took Clara to the land of sweetness. 


The nutcracker gifts that God has given us are His promises and as we trust and rely on His promises and rest in His love for us, the spell of witchcraft is ineffective and the warfare dissolves into nothing. Faith requires action and it is usually through the contrary conditions that will cause our faith to produce miracles out of the unseen realm.



The testing of our faith produces the hope that will never put us to shame. Like the porcelain nutcracker doll, porcelain is a ceramic that must be vitrified at extremely high temperatures of 1300 degrees celsius. It is in that intense heat that creates the most lustrous and beautiful refining and strength. 


We never really know without a doubt if we can trust in the Father’s love for us unless that love is put to the test. Many people like myself need to experience it for ourselves. The Father has grafted His personal love into each and every promise that He made to us, even those individual promises that are unique to our situations. 


Although it is not enjoyable to endure, when we are going through hell and the fears are pounding against us of terrible things that could go wrong, if we will depend on the Father’s love and cling to His promise with relentless trust, those words will come to pass. Never doubt the Father’s desire to grant your most unbelievable desire and cherished hope. All we have to do is believe despite what we see externally. 


There is more to this story and there was more in that box that God had given to me. This was just a portion of it. We are about a month into our 2 months of being paid and I am right in the middle of a new faith test for something very big that God promised that would come to help us relocate to the next place. 


I have been going through so much warfare today and I honestly cried a lot like a big baby because I just want to get to the tangible relief for what we need. But just telling you this story has calmed my nerves and gave me faith to trust Him again. Until next time, I hope this inspires you as it has me at what a wonderful loving Father we have and how He really does show up as our ever-present help. 






Written by Dannette Lynn