Everything That Could Go Wrong




Last night the Lord showed me that He wanted me to be vulnerable and share a weakness with you. I think He is working up something beautiful, but for more than a week I have not stopped crying and the faith pressure to see His promises emerge has been extremely intense. 


A while back the Lord began showing me where He is taking us next and He showed me that He would send us something very big to make the next season easy and extra comfortable. I sat one morning praying about this hidden blessing and out of nowhere I had an email come through that said my ministry was being awarded a very large grant that would cover all of our needs for a long time. 


I remember being so happy and I was crying and thanking God. The relief and comfort that the good news brought were unlike anything I had been given by Him before in this journey. However, the next week was the worst and everything that could go wrong went wrong.  


The company tried to deposit our gift from God and the bank that I “was” using denied the deposit. I was so crushed because that wonderful gift had been taken away. It is an extremely large company and I have called many times to get them to see what happened, but have so far been unsuccessful. I tried again this morning and I couldn’t stop weeping, even now I feel so crushed. 


That same bank that denied my gift started to deny all of my purchases and I felt like I was being beat up through the onslaught of attacks. I have obviously cut myself away from that establishment and God has blessed us with a very secure account that will prove to be far better. However, there were other little setbacks that happened all last week and the Lord came to me in an encounter to pull me out of the negative pit that I was drowning in. 


He gave me a prophesy that I would get a triple comfort for all of this trouble and He showed me that I was being bullied with warfare. He said that He would take care of us and every day He has given me more signs and confirmations of His rescue than I can keep up with. 


There is a time to fight and there is time to Be still and know that He is God. The Lord showed me that this is a time for us to be still and trust Him to save us, but I have been struggling with that because of the mounting pressure of our needs and the deadline for our room fees approaching. 


In the encounter, the Lord showed me that this time is hard for me to walk through, but that it will be worth it when He shows up for us. A curse without cause will return to its sender and in return, we end up with more than we were expecting. 


So although hiccups and setbacks are painful and rippled with disappointment, the hardships become our greatest blessings because God gives us double for our trouble. He is a God of justice and not only will He make things right, but He will make sure that we plunder our enemies for the pain that we have endured.


 I do still anticipate that we will transition, but I may have been a little too assuming on the time. Right now, we are waiting for a miracle, and since it has been prophesied to us through the King of Kings, then at least His word is the hope in the suffering. 


Do not gloat at my fate, my enemy; although I am down now, I will rise up. Although I am in darkness now, the Eternal One will be my light. Micah 7:8 





With love,  Dannette