Navigating the Hidden




Before we left for our new room, I encountered the Lord in a dream. He showed me that we were moving to a higher ground of plenty and then He gave me a document that proved that we were released from that place of low-level provision. The reason that He gave me the legal proof was because He was going to have me doing things by blind-faith and I needed something to stand on. 


After that, I took a huge leap of faith and booked a room at a new town that seemed to be “better” than anything we had been used to. God did an amazing thing after that, one blessing after another. He gave us tremendous amounts of favor and made our room rate the same as it was at the junky old motel that we were at before. 


It has been a few weeks of miracles and every day I cannot stop thanking God. For the first time in so long, I get to sleep on a real bed. Our room has a real kitchen and I have never felt so thankful! When we first got here, it was like Christmas for the kids. They were so excited and they kept saying that they never “felt so poor”, because we were in tears at being in such a beautiful room. 


There has not been a single day that I have not cried thankful tears to God, just to have a pretty room. I can only imagine what it will be like to have a home again. I can already see myself weeping thankful tears on the ground. I used to take such pleasure in cleaning my home and making it smell nice. I never would have thought that I would have lost everything. Yet in losing everything, I have gained so much more. I am a new person now and I have Jesus to thank for that miraculous help. 


In this new place we are in, our faith has been tested in a new way. The Lord has shown me that the provisions have been hidden. Although it appears to be empty, yet it is abundant! He took me to a wetland reserve just to talk to Me about the hidden miracles of this time. There was an area that was so green, it looked like it was a land of grass, but underneath, it was completely water. 




Hidden Water. This is where God took me. I looks like it is all green grass, but underneath what it "looks like" it is completely water and an abundance!

There is an abundance of hidden water. This is where God took me. It looks like it is green grass, but despite how it looks, it is completely water underneath the tiny green speckles.





God has hidden an abundance in this time for you and for me. He revealed this to me first hand with many miracles. One day, I saw a homeless man standing on the corner. I noticed a small fish drawn on His sign and I instantly knew that there was a hidden treasure by blessing that man. 


God often speaks to me through fish as hidden places of provision. So I pushed down the fear that was beating on my chest, took a deep gulp, and handed that man a $100 bill. I said in my heart, Lord I sow this gift into the hidden treasure by faith that you have revealed. 


Shortly after giving that man the $100, I received an unexpected direct deposit in my account of $1000! Then the Lord would continue to show me seeds to sow, in order to receive the hidden treasures of this new place. He showed me a lady working at a store and put it in my heart to sow $20 into her. I did as the Holy Spirit directed and before the end of that day, the Lord gave me back $200. 


That happened time and time again. I found that when I had fear about releasing what I had in my hand, that it was a trust test and that there was a treasure waiting for my trust and obedience. 


Sometimes the hidden treasures were in non-financial places too. There were times when the Lord had shown me to sow with thankful praise or to sow in seeds of love, by demonstrating acts of love to someone who needed to know they were loved. 


For a few weeks we have been in this new place and it always “looks” like there is nothing coming in. However after I have moved by faith, I have received blessings from very unexpected places. 


There were also times when the Lord would have me sow thoughts. Just as Moses instructed the Lord’s children to meditate on His promises night and day, there are extreme supernatural miracles that come when we use our energy and focus to concentrate on what the Lord says. His words are life to those who find them! 


There have been some major miracles that have happened and I am considering putting them into a little book. God has shown me a certain way of praying and the fruit that came from those prayers is unbelievably wonderful! I would appreciate your prayers about this venture and for more hidden treasures to be revealed as we navigate through this place of hidden things. 


I would also like to say that I have a strong sense that there is also a hidden treasure release for you now at this time. God is saying that if you will test me and see, by sowing actions of faith, that He will open up the floodgates of Heaven and pour out blessings too big for you to receive. 


Look to the unseen and find the hidden treasures that await. I pray that the Holy Spirit would show you where there are hidden treasures and that He would open your eyes to see the abundant well of provisions that He has hidden right before your eyes!





God bless you and happy treasure hunting!  🙂 





Love and blessings!


Dannette Lynn



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go down to the lake, cast a hook,

and pull in the first fish that bites.

Open its mouth and you’ll find a coin.

Take it and give it to the taxmen.

It will be enough for both of us.

~ Mathew 17:27