Delivering Diamonds

A love letter from Jesus. 



Soak up My love and worry less. I am always your best friend, ready to bring comfort through every up and down in your life. You never need to fear, because I am always here. 



Everything will be okay. Let go of everything that has unsettled your soul and give it to Me to take over. Loosen your shoulders and take a deep breath. Rest your defenses, I will not let you down. Release yourself from the regrets and move on as you focus on a good outcome. 



I am here for you right now, so step into My presence and present your requests with thanksgiving. Before you even begin to pray, My approval has been released. Whatever you pray for, believe that you have received it and you will. I will surprise and delight you by going above and beyond all that you can dare to ask or think. 



I have brought you to a new level of turning faith into the experience of manifested blessings. I have given you the freedom to move and choose in a whole new way. Change your thoughts and focus on what you desire and shape your world to reflect the unseen beauty that you believe. 



I have hidden storehouses of a rich plethora for you and secret treasures that are tucked away in plain sight. Unlock each treasure through acts of faith and the manifestation of your faith will be exposed and opened before your eyes. 



Some of the best gardens are planned. Sow your seed in a detailed location and by faith claim the desired bloom. The harvest that you reap will reveal the seed that was planted. Sow seeds of faith and create a garden of your fullest dreams. 



Acts of faith and the words that you say will come back to you in a superabundant way, for what you plant will always be the very thing you harvest. As you move and think by faith, those seeds will open up a super-fast delivery of the diamonds of My manifested promise. 



Plant diamonds with your faith and anticipate for an easy and breathtaking rise! Issue a decree and expect to soon see it, for you are highly regarded and favored by God. If you don’t doubt, but trust that what you say will take place, then it will happen.



I will supply every need, plus more! Then I will multiply the seed that you sow so that the harvest will generously grow and grow! Have no doubt, you are abundantly enriched and enabled to be a generous giver to help those in need. 



Expect a nonstop bloom of glittery white flowers of diamond frost and bountiful meadows of flourishing heart desires. This is My covenant to you, as your soul’s delight. A constant flow of My loving provisions will be poured out and made tangible to you and there will be so much that you will never run out.



Even now–you will see new doors open– effortless blessings will be revealed and new arrivals of answered prayers will be delivered right to you, as diamonds of My intentional love! 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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