Swim Over the Bully Ducks



I was in a little park with my daughter yesterday. There was a beautiful small lake that was full of ducks. I started to see something happening, as I watched the ducks. There was a white duck that was much larger than the other scruffier looking brown ducks. Over and over, I would witness that the white duck would swim fast behind one of the smaller ducks and bully the other duck right out of the water. 


The Holy Spirit started to talk to me as I watched this big bully duck. He showed me that as you begin to rise up in the prophetic ministry, that there will be similar “bully ducks” who are familiar and established names in their calling. There are some of those popular ducks that have a territorial jealous demeanor and they will indirectly say things to try to intimidate the less known prophetic voice to be silent. 


Overcoming that intimidation is part of growing in the prophetic gift. Those bullying spirits may try to give condemnation for the very thing that God put in your heart or try to publicly discredit what God has given you to say. By contending with the words that Jesus has given to you, they are ultimately contending with Jesus Himself. 


As I prayed about how to overcome these bully ducks, the Lord showed me that the best thing to do is keep shining and speaking His word–and if necessary speak even louder. Keep swimming in the Spirit and be the person that God has called you to be and never accept the condemnation from those who resist the very thing that God placed in your heart. 


Dear prophet, continue to share fearlessly and in purity to what the Holy Spirit shows you and allow God to handle the bully ducks for you. He will always lift up the humble and oppose the proud. These bully ducks offer an opportunity to rise up with confidence in what the Lord has given you to share. But no matter what–never bow down to the bully ducks–regardless of how influential they are. 


Let Jesus remain your first love and obey Him above any man. After all, this is all about Jesus and your intimate dance with Him, as a prophet of His heart. He may lead you to release words or concepts that are a challenge for those older (more mature and experienced) ducks to accept. Regardless of their outdated opinion, follow Jesus and trust His words no matter what. It may just be that you were born for such a time as this. 


Shine on beautiful! 💖





Love and blessings, 


Dannette Lynn




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And don’t be intimidated by those who are older than you; simply be the example they need to see by being faithful and true in all that you do. Speak the truth and live a life of purity and authentic love as you remain strong in your faith.

1 Timothy 4:12 TPT