A love letter from the Father. 




A caterpillar changes into an exquisite butterfly during metamorphosis as a hormone changes how a DNA expression works. During a butterfly transformation, the DNA remains the same, but the selection of what genes are turned on and off is what creates the miraculous transformation. Gene regulation is what gives butterflies their breathtaking beauty. This happens when the brain of the cell chooses which genes to activate.  



In the same way, I have given you the freedom to change miraculously as you concentrate your thoughts on the promises that I have made. DNA contains the design that a person needs to develop. They are found inside every cell and are inherited from parents to their children. I have given you promises of change, you are no longer subject to those past generational problems. 



Depart to a solitary place with Me and soak in My thoughts of a miracle change. Thoughts are substances. What you meditate on will change your life. Just as pain changes people and feeling sick makes you sick, no longer bring attention to the problems that you have, but use your determined will to bring a selective focus to the desired result. 



Your private prayer is the highest form of thinking, as you draw near to Me for assistance, as a loving and compassionate Father. When you pray to Me, I’ll listen. I will help you…I’ll show up and take care of you as I promised. I have plans to give you the future you hope for.



Form a cocoon of focus on the things of the unseen. Think of the beauty that I promised you and bring it into being by selective positive thinking. Your thoughts of My promise will be the encompassing light to transform you. There are no limitations to what I can do. The only limitation is what you are willing to receive and believe Me to do. Believe that you have received and you shall have it. 



Have faith in what you hope for, it is the evidence that you can have what you believe. Don’t entertain any doubt, not even for an instant. Continue to encourage your thoughts and tell yourself that you have what you seek. Erase the negative conditions and replace them with confessions of My promises, as you speak My thoughts for you. The good of My promises will take the place of the bad that you see. 



Never allow your outward problems to distract you from the end result of My promise. Always think and imagine yourself in the way that I have promised you to be. See yourself in the finished result and bring your imagination to life by thinking and believing that you already have the beauty that you seek. 



An explicit beauty…you can have more and better than you ever dreamed. Press against Me with your thoughts as the healing power flows out. You’ll be made new again–you can count on it! Every word I have given to you is a miracle word–to break open and let the light shine out. I’ll make sure you won’t be disappointed and I’ll turn things around for you. 



Keep peace of mind. Ignore the bad report and accept only the good. Disturbing a caterpillar inside its cocoon can bring damage to the transformation. All will flow naturally, be still in your heart, and calm your soul. Wait patiently for Me in complete dependency. You cannot force these things, they only come about through My Spirit.  I will surely deliver this promise to you as you think and believe it to be true. 



Continue to exercise your thoughts of faith–changes are happening! The translucent jade wings are forming and the rapid cell division is creating the wings—a glimpse of what is occurring in the unseen. The caterpillar is melting away as the new butterfly absorbs the cocoon. 



You are unique as a fingerprint and rarer than a unicorn. Rest here and soak in the warmth of My promise and absorb the DNA of My words to transform you into a dream come true–a stunning beauty–unrecognizable to those who once knew you. 




Written by Dannette Lynn



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