His House Promise




I don’t really know how I’m going to do this. However it is my only option. I’m attempting to write this blog tonight on my phone instead of my computer and I never realized how hard this is to function without a computer when you run a blog. Last night my computer broke completely and I have already put in a request with God to help me get a new one as soon as possible.


But I noticed something, before anything happens, such as a problem, God always gives us a promise to get us through. The night before last I had an encounter with the Father and He gave me a corporate word for the body of Christ. He was showing me that He is taking His children and showing them new rooms at His house and the children were able to explore new depths of His goodness. I saw the Father revealing to His children these different rooms of His house and He was showing treasures and exceedingly wonderful things. Then the Father spoke to me and said, “I am now going to show an abundance to My children”.



Under any other circumstance I would be sobbing right now because my family’s life line was a computer and to be able to function a full blog. It requires so much, with photos editing and everything else. It is extremely difficult without my computer. But I have this promise and I’m also releasing this word to you to celebrate that we have this promise that we are now going to see an abundance unlike ever before! ❤🙏



The Father is going to take us to different rooms of His heart to show us more wonderful things than we ever knew was possible. So in the name of Jesus I release this promise also to you and I celebrate in advance for our new computer. God already knows where it’s coming from even though I don’t.



 I bless you today to experience the Father’s abundance and to experience and encounter these wonderful new rooms that He is going to take us through. Please forgive this messy looking post, it’s just going to have to be messy this time. 😊




Love and blessings, Dannette




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