Cyclone Cellar

A love letter from Jesus.




Follow Me into the cyclone cellar of My promise and find refuge from the whirlwind. There will be a miracle moment in this place, where your loveliest dreams come into being. In the center of the room, there is a ladder, entwined with the Vine of My intentional love. 


You will ascend up the Heavenly staircase and step through the door of transformation. I will strip away the deepest anguish and cover you with the joyful light. Your honor will be restored and the scars of your suffering will no longer feel the pain. 


Oh, My love, I did not leave you without, but I am giving you a new life and a second chance to begin again. No longer will your eyes be sick with grief, nor will you feel the heaviness of depression.


Cast off the former disappointments and be enveloped in My promise. Instead of suffering, you will be restored with twice the honor and armloads of blessings. I am your Refuge, ready to help you. So do not fear, you are being revived. 


Keep My vows in your thoughts and hold onto Me with all of your heart. Ignore the winds that scream otherwise. The afflictions that have tormented you are being set ablaze, neither root or branch will remain. As light shines through the window to break apart the shadows, My word will manifest like a spontaneous combustion of vehement fire. 


Things are about to move very fast, as we begin to go downhill. The hardest part is over, let Me take over from here. The rising of My brilliant beauty within you will terrify the envious enemy. Like the moon exploding to nothing into the night. Suddenly the opposing conditions will be displaced. 


The windows of your soul–your eyes! O how they twinkle and shine like diamonds, as you saturate your thoughts in My words. This is not the end, but the entrance of your greatest blessings. For I have plans for your good, not evil, to give you a future that you hope for—always remember that.


This sorrow will change in an instant, to become the tangible beauty that you have been aching to see. I have taken responsibility for you and you will conceive My provision and give birth to My promises. I am now going to show you an abundance in the cyclone cellar of My promise. 





Written by Dannette Lynn



To bless: