Prophetic Numbers



Last night the Holy Spirit was showing me to create this file to share with you. This is a complete list of the most frequent numbers that the Holy Spirit speaks to me prophetically. It takes faith and trust to grasp what the Lord speaking. Anything is possible with God and there are no limits to His ever-present ways. The same God that lives and moves through us can also dance upon His written word to reveal promises, prophetic messages, and hidden treasures. The more willing you are to travel through the waters of His words, the deeper you will go and the more miracles will emerge. 


This list has been put together to share with you, FREE of charge, although a love gift is always greatly appreciated.



I have included the place on Diamonds from the Dust website for you to download. It is free, however, if you have trouble downloading the pdf, I have also included the simple pdf here:



Prophetic Numbers by Dannette Lynn (2)




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Prophetic Numbers