Sigh of Relief

A love letter from the Father. 





Lean into the wind and embrace the change. Just float in My care as everything settles into place. There will be a bump in the road to shift and change your perspective. You will be very pleased when you see that things turn out better than you expected. 


In order to fly into the new, you need to be freed from the extra weight. Lay all of your worries and deepest dreads into My hands. Give Me the pain that drums against your heart and focus on the dreams that you have carried for so long. Trust Me to handle everything and rise up above the chaos under you. 


What I have to give you now is far better than anything that will be moved away with the wind. Forget the past, leave it behind you. Look to the Dayspring of My love and don’t look back at what was. Like a kite being held by a string, there is no going backward….oh but you can keep going up! 


I will never leave you and I am always by your side. This bitter place of anguishing pain is being turned to the joy of sweet and indulgent wine. I am giving you rest in an oasis of freshwater springs. Blessings will spill over to make it easy for you to reach. 


In these winds of change, expect the unexpected. You cannot even comprehend the magnificent things that I have been preparing for you. You will have an extra portion–even more than you expect! So lay back and get excited again. A happy heart is a good medicine and a joyful mind brings healing. 


Like a diamond kite dancing through the sky, trust in the way that I take you. Now that you are ready, there is nothing to stop you from going upwards. So hope and anticipate My goodness as My love floods your heart and life to drench you in fullness. 


Stay in the air and enjoy the warm sunshine of My comforts. Nothing can come between the love that we have. I am a very loving Dad and My provisions are unstoppable in any situation. Tell your heart to be at peace and tell those days of pain, ‘you can’t hurt me anymore’.


Let out a sigh of relief because your prayers have been answered. You will see tangible comforts show up that far surpass anything that you have experienced. You are far above anything that you have ever known or had. I have lifted you up to a place of sweet indulgence and alleviation from the days of lack. 






Written by Dannette Lynn


To bless:


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