The Sadness Will Be Lifted

A love letter from the Father. 



I am going to comfort you from the distress and misery of your soul. Pour out your pain before Me and then let it go. You need to resist touching the wound, in order for it to heal. 



. I will deliver you from the trauma and the sadness will be lifted. As a mollusk forms luminous pearls to bring alleviation from the irritation, I am pouring out more blessings of love than you could ever imagine and bringing comfort from the affliction. 



The seed of My love has been growing, like a deep-rooted mandrake to bring fruitfulness to the barren places. Although you have been grieved and irritated by the provoking of the enemy, you will be comforted and relieved from the source of your pain. 



Trust who I am for you. I will take care of you and you will be comforted with the satisfaction of seeing your hope come true. Do not fear the acrimony or ill will from those who threaten against you. Nothing bad will happen. The curse was lifted long ago.




Think about what you hope for and find serenity for your soul. Keep your thoughts in the reality that your prayer has already been given. Most mental exhaustion comes from negative thinking. Sometimes the only way to learn trust is to let go of what you fear and experience My help. Over time you will be confident in My kindness. 



Remain close to Me and discover My world. Anything is possible now, two are richer than one. Embrace the vulnerability of pure faith and experience a greater rest and relief from suffering. No more will you suffer embarrassment, but you will be carried into dreamland as you see your heart desires emerge. 



The approval and acceptance of your prayer is your promised heritage. Rest as you believe in your promise and think as if it has already happened. Without faith, there can be no story.



Just say that what you desire is going to happen and don’t even worry about it again. Trust in who I am for you with confidence. That is a prayer in the boldest sense. I will fulfill your predictions and honor your decree. 



My power is perfectly complimented by your weakness. Come to Me as you are and receive the magnificence of My presence for your need. Let’s rise from this anguish and move to the place of fulfillment. Love is now in full bloom and I will awaken you with all that I have stored up for you, My friend. 



Let the sadness be lifted, as you release the longing to Me. This is not something that can be done by yourself. With gratitude and delightful expectation, be fully convinced that you have the request. Trust that I will do it and believe that I have listened to your voice. 



Relax into My timing and settle your soul into this promise. As you wait for Me with trust that you already have it, you will be filled and flooded with the fullness of fulfillment. It will all be done for you! You will have an overflow of cisterns that you did not dig and overwhelming abundance that did not come from your hand. 




Your story demonstrates My response and approval to your desired request. What joy you will receive! As a star breaking through to the colossal darkness, be anticipating the moment of your dreams to come to the light of tangibility. 



I will remember your request and do so much more than you have asked. Consider this a promise, that your prayer has already been done. Rest in the obtainment and remind yourself that you are free at last–all because you trusted Me when you asked. 






Written by Dannette Lynn




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