Hidden Sparrows


Almost every day there has been some sort of a financial miracle for us to survive. I usually wake up like a bird, looking for how the Father will send us all that we need. Not only does He send us what we need, but often He sends in ways that we may be a blessing to others in need. 


Some of the financial miracles have been very big and some have been cozy enough to get by. Nonetheless, all have been lifesaving for us. As directed by the Holy Spirit, I am going to share this specific little trail with you, which is perfectly named, “Hidden Sparrows”. 


It all started when I was outside walking with my daughter. I remember walking next to a tree with bare branches. As I was looking at the tree, suddenly my eyes were opened and I realized that the tree was covered in little sparrows. The little brown sparrows had blended in with the natural bare branches and I hadn’t even noticed them. 


On another walk, I could hear the lovely song of the birds in the trees, but no matter how much I stretched my eyes, I could not see them. I knew by this time that the Lord was saying that there was a hidden provision and to look again. 


As I was praying for the Lord to reveal where the provision was hidden, an answer came. I was sitting outside of Walmart and I had just finished getting a little food for our room. I had $15 left in my account and I was thinking about treating myself to a coffee to warm myself up from such a cold day. Before I was able to proceed, I received a text message from a loved one, asking if I could help with gas by sending $15. 


The Lord impressed on my heart to deny what I was wanting and to plant a seed into the need of someone else. So I gave this person the last of all I had and I trusted that God would fill me back up. Within minutes after sending the seed of need, my phone alerted me that I received a donation and it was doubled what I had just given away. With so much excitement, I went over to a place to get that coffee that I was wanting. 


As I was getting ready to leave, a man in the parking lot walked up to me and handed me a 50 dollar bill and he said that the next time that my family had a meal, that it was on him. I was so stunned that God would even use random people in a parking lot to help cover our needs. 



That evening, I went for another walk with my daughter. We walked the exact same route that we have walked every night for 2 months. Yet this specific walk was different. I saw things that I never noticed before, like a blue birdhouse and other things that I would have normally seen in an instant. My daughter assured me that those things had been there all along and then I sensed the Lord saying that He is unveiling the hidden provisions, just as He did for Hagar in the desert. 



I prayed and asked God to unveil the hidden water of provision. His answer was not a surprise at this point. He told me to send that $50 that He gave me to a widow whom I personally knew. With excitement, I followed the Lord’s instruction and I mailed the $50 to the widow as a seed of need. The very next day, the Lord multiplied it back to me without delay.  



Another day I woke up really happy because I was sent an overnight donation and it was just what I needed to buy our groceries. Before I was able to go satisfy our needs, a friend who was stuck at home with a baby messaged me and asked if I could go buy her groceries and drop them off. With the virus all over the news, she did not want to take her baby out to the store. I knew this was another opportunity to sow a seed of need. Instead of buying myself groceries, I went and bought groceries for this family and delivered them to her home. Just as I hoped, the Lord multiplied the food money back to me the same day.



This went on for many days, that the Lord would have me send financial seeds out of my need into the need of others. Every single time, it was multiplied back to me very quickly. Just as God used Ezekial as a sign to others, He is showing me that this time of “Hidden Sparrows” is not only for me. This morning before I was waking up, He showed me the letters “Look again” and then He spoke for me to share this treasure. 



There are hidden treasures in your need. That need is specific to you. Whatever your need is at this time, whether it be financial, comfort, love, healing, etc….sow a seed out of what you have and then be expecting the Lord to unveil it an abundance multiplied back to you. It may appear that there is no fruit on the trees or no water in the desert but look again. Ask the Lord today where He has hidden the answer to your prayers. 





But He also can turn a barren wilderness into an oasis with water! He can make springs flow into desert lands and turn them into fertile valleys so that cities spring up, and He gives it all to those who are hungry. Psalm 107:35-36








Dannette Lynn




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