A love letter from the Father. 




A new level has been reached. Focus on My promises and not what you see. Your life is a reflection of what you think about. It is seeing your own reflection of thoughts that keeps you from entering into the miraculous dimension. 


Come closer beloved one and see your life through the beautiful words that I speak. Lean in with all of your heart and shut out the peripheral distractions. Open your eyes and take in the plethora of My good news. Things are not getting worse, but they are better than you have imagined! 


Be immersed in My goodness and see how wonderful I AM. Those who put their whole trust in Me will be blessed and comforted. Make yourself one with My words and let My promises be your foremost thoughts. Engrave them on a pendant and drape them as pearls around your neck. 


Like looking into a mirror, keep your mind only on what I say. Get a clear vision and break every agreement with need. No matter how the road ahead turns, you will always flourish and prosper. And if anyone should attempt to attack you, I will defeat them for you because you are My special treasure. 


See My loyal love shimmering like crystal waters. My promise to you stands and nothing bad can happen. My love will never fail you and My promise to keep you hedged in peace will last forever. Young lions may grow tired and hungry but you, My dear will lack no good thing. 


Draw near to Me, like a flower stretching towards the sun. Think of what I have promised and then see that you have it. In every way, I have blessed you, if you are willing to receive it. Meditate on only My promises night and day and you will discover that you have the power to brighten every day. 


This is a new day for you and a new experience that you have never had. It’s time to finally let go of all of the bad and no longer rehearse thoughts of a painful past. Be healed now My love, as you lay down those ashes. 


Once and for all, surrender them all. Lay the weight of your life into My arms as a sacrifice of trust. It’s time for your beauty! It’s time to shine as My captivating promises unfold and blossom. 


Bathe your soul in the warmth of My love and stay here a little while longer. Inhale the sweetness of My intoxicating fragrance and be calmed within as you drink from the purity of My presence. Stay focused and keep looking at the mirror of My words. 


I will bless you just as I promised and you will always have more than enough. Make My promises your focus over everything. Visualize the dream and hold it close to your heart. Every good and perfect gift originates from Me. 


Don’t be afraid or crippled by pain. I am sending an excess of generosity to make up for every remembrance of suffering. Twice even! You will be blessed with plenty. From the abundance of My life gift to you, it will be more than you are expecting. 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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