In my town on Saturday at a different hotel, residents were awakened to banging on the doors. The hotel had made a personal decision to close and told everyone there to vacate immediately. When I first heard that it happened, I thought nothing of it. But then it hit me like a brick wall that I live with my kids in a humble little hotel room. 


At the moment that I realized what happened, I couldn’t stop the tears from falling. I felt like this picture, everything was so unsteady. My heart also broke as I thought about all of the other families that live in hotels due to very unique and difficult circumstances. 


It took a while to calm me down because I was shaking with fear about what we would do. The Lord kept showing me to expect the opposite of my fears and He reminded me that He never abandons His children. He told me that “love always protects” and assured me not to worry. He also encouraged me to “fly” over this problem by only thinking about positive outcomes. 


Now more than ever, I am asking the Lord to fulfill His promise to give us an apartment. He told me exactly where it would be and He said that He would just “open it up for me” and that we would not need to do anything. It is so scary to live in such an unsteady situation, while grounded on the rock of His promises. It is only fear and yet the winds of fear can be so intense and abusive. 



I see all these people who are making jokes about being stuck at home and how my heart breaks to have a home to go to. I feel like I have no security and yet at the same time, the Lord is telling me to trust in the security of His plan. It has been so extremely painful to do things His way and not try to make my own path. Even now, I can’t stop crying because fear is such an awful enemy and everything I had been trusting in for our protection feels like it is blowing in the wind of this storm. 


What else can I do but trust in God? Now that I need Him more than ever, is when I need to trust Him the most. Hopefully, He will sweep in like a hero to give us our happy ending of a home. I have so much to share with you, but I am going to break it up into more than one blog post. 



I would like to celebrate with you that even in this chaos, the Lord came through with many miracles for us over the past several days. A lovely soul followed the Lords leading and covered the annual fees of the website. God used others to help too in this time of unsteady days, with food money and provisions to cover other needs. 



The person who had attacked me that I wrote about in “Hostage of Shame” experienced a heart conviction and offered to help make things right. That person paid for my daughter’s birthday present (which is today…Happy 14th birthday Cameron!). He also covered the payment of my phone bill and assisted in helping me cover some other needs too. 



I am deeply encouraged to know that God has a plan to take care of all of us. Yesterday He kept showing me sparrows hidden in a tree with no leaves. In another message from Him, I was staring at the ground. In the blink of an eye, my eyes were opened to see that I was staring at gold hairpin and suddenly “appeared” and I had not seen it before. He is saying to us as His children not to worry because He has hidden provisions at this time for you and me. 


He gave me a dream of walking on a mountain that felt so unsteady. With every step, I could feel the ground shift a little and it felt like it could collapse under my feet. Yet this mountain is in His protection and no harm will come. He showed me that there are hidden riches in this time when it looks there is nothing.



In fact, from His hidden riches, He is pouring out HUGE blessings! People of the world will see that we are so incredibly blessed and protected in any circumstance. We are planted by streams of His love waters and not even heat will change the blessings that He gives His protected children. I pray that you are richly blessed and encouraged to expect and receive out of His vast storehouse of great goodness. God has already gone ahead and prepared the best wine for this time! 





Dannette Lynn


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