Manifesting Miracles

A love letter from Jesus. 



The rumbling thunder of opposition only comes when there are showers of blessings. So keep looking up with expectation, because something good is about to happen! Answered prayers are falling like shooting stars before your eyes. 



Begin at the destination as you imagine the answer to your prayer and dwell with confidence there. Anchor all of your thoughts into believing that you already have what you seek. Don’t look down with doubt nor allow thoughts of fear to drag away your attention. 



As you believe it will be done for you! Reach with your faith and draw it out with thoughts of believing. Cling to thoughts of good and only expect a positive outcome. Never doubt My willingness to do generously and boundlessly more than you can dare think or ask. 



Hold onto your hopeful expectation through the adverse winds. Don’t let go and never stop concluding that you have it. Miracles are manifesting, because of your determined faith, it will suddenly happen. If you keep looking up with delightful optimism, you will witness a big surprise blessing. 






Written by Dannette Lynn


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