It’s Time

A love letter from the Father. 




Nevermind the size of the enormous mountains before you. Do not fear because I am going to help you. Everything is a product of My hand–I made it all. My eye is always on you and you are surrounded with My protection. I provide for My own, so don’t be led away with anxious thoughts. 



Give Me your worries, weaknesses, and hindrances. Leave it all at My feet and I will empower you with all that you need. Will I bring the moment of birth without allowing something new to be born? It won’t be done by the strength of your own hands, but only by the power of My spirit. 



I have remembered My covenant–My promise that I have made you. Do not fear, you will have plenty and the continuous supply will never run out. Look, the waters are breaking! I am unleashing a flood of blessings, spilling over from the faith in your heart, to saturate every need that you have and drench you with the desire of your heart. With a deep surplus of abundance, I will wash away every barricade and swallow every mountain in your path. 



Abandon every negative thought and get excited about the outcome that you are hoping to have. Yield to My promise and trust Me to externalize the delivery. Your faith is My divine approval and evidence that it will become. Act as if you already have it and feel as if it has been done. Assume it has been delivered with a thankful spirit and I will cause the promise to emerge. 



It’s time–get excited because it’s about to appear! My promise is bursting with power to give you fullness–more than enough and running over. Use your faith to tap into the miracle force. Let every detail of your life rest on the authority of My Sovereign word. Only believe and the promise will become palpable and touchable, like a baby wrapped in your arms.  ♡






Written by Dannette Lynn




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