Rapid Results

A love letter from Jesus. 




Ride with Me over the swells of the distant storm and I will give you a fantastic experience of finding joy in the ocean whitewater. Catch a ride with Me into quick miracles, as we weave through the rocks to turn every negative problem into good. 


Do not grieve over the ongoing problems in your life. Instead, celebrate because I am inviting you to plug into Me to bring your heart desires rapidly into fruition. The rapids of blessings move very fast, guided by the favor of My tradewinds and currents. 


In the connections of the sea, pray passionately and anticipate positive results. Embrace My personal kindness and keep your thoughts always expecting for good. My mighty power at work within you is able to do far more than you could ever dare to ask or even dream of—infinitely beyond your highest prayers, desires, thoughts, or hopes.


Instead of watching the waves with wobbly knees, waiting for the next bad outcome that will never come. Let’s starting thinking and expecting that your prayers will swiftly take effect. The negative ions of the ocean surf will become an infusion of energy and your happiest moments yet. 


Without electricity, nothing will move. Partner with Me and I will cause your hopes to rapidly happen. Depend on Me to give you the most exciting and rewarding ride of a lifetime. I am good, so don’t be afraid of anything.



When rafting, pay attention to the rocks of negative thoughts coming from downstream. Immediately cast down bad thoughts and replace them for good. Stay in My words and don’t panic if anxiety attacks. The things that you fear won’t happen, 


See from a new perspective and expect good things to show up. You are not alone, but I am here with you and ready to move at the sound of your request. I am forever faithful and can be trusted to always help you. I will give you supernatural strength and cause you to be victorious to see your hopes come true from My power flowing in and through you. 


Surrender to My promises in complete abandonment and lay the disbelieving fears down. Give Me the sacrifice of your trust, as a choice to elevate My presence over your circumstance. Then you will experience the manifestation of My power. Don’t be pulled away with thoughts of doubt or fear. 


Stay in the place of the answered prayer and I will manifest it for you, apart from Me nothing can be done. Confidence is everything, so take risks and anticipate My involvement. Come deeper into an awareness of My omnipresence and intentional affections, then your faith will be well established by trusting in My almighty power. 


Rest in My power as you become deeply aware of My presence in and around you. Don’t struggle against the currents, but trust Me to protectively hold all that matters to you. I am not far away. I will be your greatest friend to ensure that you always have more than enough. 


Because of your faith, it will happen for you! Lean into hope. Imagine those hopes have happened and they will. Remain in Me and keep your heart settled into My words. Ask whatever you wish and it will be done for you. If you believe that you have received those things, then they are already yours. 


Have faith in what you prayed for and stay expecting to see overjoyed results. As we reach the flood stage of faith, the rapids flow easily with sudden blessings and unexpected surprises. All of your hopes will come to pass and you will not be disappointed. Tangible gifts will be delivered to your door and your cup will always be full–with more than you have asked! 







Written by Dannette Lynn



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