Destined for Dolittle


For quite some time I had this urge to go see Dolittle at the movies. After sharing this desire with a friend, she gifted me tickets to see the movie for my birthday. Sometimes I can just feel that there will be a prophetic nugget hidden within a secular movie and this was one of those times. 


I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. The character of Dolittle was so much like I have been. He only wanted to be around animals and had set his heart to never talk to humans again because he was afraid of getting hurt. 


In a similar way, I have been like that for the past year. I talk to you all on my blog, but I have avoided getting open or close to anyone else. I talked about this in the post Reindeers are Better. For the first year or more of our journey, the Lord had me be open and vulnerable to share my humble state. 


It was painful to be seen in such a low circumstance. From my stance of faith, I was abandoned by most of my spiritually handicapped family members that stunk of religious pride. Another hard part was there were many who had love in their hearts to help us. They were like Job’s friends and they became offended when their counsel was not what the Lord was saying for our specific story. 


When you walk through extreme faith with God, like Noah, being misunderstood is part of the pain that often happens. However, the Lord has been showing me today that He never takes us into a low or humbling place without the intention of raising us up to a place of being established and rewarded for that trust. 


The Holy Spirit cornered me as I was watching Dolittle because He showed me there were people who He wanted me to help. Instead of hiding in fear of people, He wanted me to be vulnerable again and open my heart to trust His plan. I am telling you that in order for me to do this, I have to die to what I want. The selfishness within me screams to run and hide and protect myself from pain. 


Last night the Lord showed me to post Baby 101 on my personal Facebook page because there was someone in my family that He wanted to help. I did as the Lord said but every single minute I have to deny myself and obey Him. I don’t want to do it. I want to run away and be alone with God and His angles….and of course, those of you who God has connected through this ministry. 


After I followed His leading this morning, He said: “now I am establishing you”. His plans are to lift us up and not stay in the dirt. Like a wave of the ocean, it goes low only to rise up. Everything is backward, the way up is to go down. If you have been going through a humbling time, then you are being set up to be lifted up very high with His heart of compassion and mercy. 




Thanks for reading!

Love, Dannette



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