The Move



Over the weekend we were able to move to where the Lord had directed us to go next. I didn’t think there was any way possible for it to happen, but God made a path through the kindness of people. Thank you to the ones who opened their hearts to send rescue help for us to cross over and for the gift of your heartfelt prayers. 


It was a crazy change that happened from the moment that we left. The winds of warfare were extreme for the first 24 hours. It felt like we were in The Wizard of Oz, traveling over the rainbow through a tornado. I spent the first night and morning in heavy warfare and many tears. When I was praying the Lord gave me a vision of witchcraft that was attacking us. 


In the midst of the turbulence, there was so much favor that opened up to us. We were immediately given an extra night added to our room and after many months of walking, I was given a vehicle to use for this time. It gave me such a relief to know that we have a way to get around without having to walk through the frigid temperatures. 


Before we left, the Lord showed me that this new place would be a time of darkness. Meaning that I would not be able to see what was in front of me. So far that has been exactly what it has been like. God promised me that this time would be easier and better, but it doesn’t look that way. I have already broken down in tears many times over our needs. 


After all of the relocation, the funds have been really low and I have been battling so many doubts and fears. Yesterday He kept showing me a candle and told me to focus on My promise that He gave. Keeping focus in these “high winds” has been a battle of its own. At the same time, it is motivating me to lock my eyes again with Jesus and tune out everything else. 


One thing that the Holy Spirit reminded me of was how relatable the Wizard of Oz is in this specific story. He keeps showing me that we already have made it to the victory, our promises are here. Likewise, the wicked witch did not chase after Dorothy until she made it over the rainbow. That tells me that it is time to recover all. 


I have a choice today. I can be fearful of how terrifying this all looks, or I can embrace God’s word and believe that we finally made it to the tangibility of our financial promises. What is real is what is unseen and I am going to try to focus on what He says and not how opposite and fearful all of this looks. 


I would also like to share that there is now an option on the website to translate the entire blog into any language and I have posted a picture below. This is so exciting to me and I hope that it blesses someone else too! Thank you for caring for us with the love of Jesus. I know that He is watching and will repay your kindness. 





Beautiful blessings,





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