A Time of Transition




Something unexpected happened yesterday and a door opened up sooner than I expected for us to transition into a new location. We are going to be following Jesus back to a familiar place where we stayed before. At first I was very excited because my heart has been longing to go back to that town. This is where my original doctor is located, as well as my children’s doctor.


With this transition, I will be able to finally get the breast MRI that I have been long awaiting in order to see what unfolds next. I also believe that my daughter will begin to walk out her own healing journey and miracle testimony as well.


Like a roller coaster, I went from feeling excited to feeling sheer fear about going back there again. This past summer we were at that same place and I honestly spent almost every day in tears. My memories of this place are bitter-sweet. Through this experience, I was able to see a daily miraculous deliverance of financial provisions.


At many times, the rescue from the Lord came so close to the end of our deadline that it was critically terrifying. As the Lord has been leading me to let go of the past pain, the thought of going back to this place haunted me with anguish from my most painful memories of facing my fears.


I have been sensing the Lord telling us that this time would be different and we would not suffer the same. When I sent out the Love Soak email, I was inspired to listen to it again. At the end of the soaking, there was a love letter called, “Nourishing rain from heartache” (https://www.diamondsfromthedust.com/2019/07/19/nourishing-rain-from-heartache/). When I heard this last paragraph, I broke down and cried. I had no idea that I was still holding onto so much trauma.



“I am here, I am here. I have brought you back to the wound to beautify you.

I will nourish you with all that you need and give you healing rain from your heartaches.

I will raise you up high into a respectful place.

The former devastation has become your delight.

In the place where you were afflicted, you are now blessed twice as much”





My hope is that I can start this new experience fresh, without bringing with me the past pain of what I had to suffer. I want to believe that this time will be a time of respite and relief from all of the hardship. I would also like to ask you to keep us in prayer as we journey to the next destination. Also, if you are able, we really need financial help for our time of transition. Thank you always for your kindness and support as we tell the story that the Lord has asked us to share.




Love, Dannette Lynn



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