Turning the Key

 I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

Mark 11:24




One thing I can say is that always after the moments of deep pain, there is double comfort of breakthrough to ease the cares away. I had that sort of situation happen to me recently and I felt I would share something that I found. It was as though my lungs ran out of oxygen and I no longer had the strength to keep going.



The fuel of my faith was empty and I couldn’t even perceive how I could handle going through this situation anymore. I remember reaching the end of my rope, with barely the vigor to cry anymore. There was such a deep groan from the depths of my soul. Like Hannah, I was weeping from a place of such anguish that the sound was not even coming out. 



I was in a desperate situation of needing to pay my room fee and I was down to the last day of my time running out. The Lord knew my fragile situation and He encouraged me to trust in His help. After I decisively gave Him all of my worries to carry, something fluttered within. 



It was hope. I had a thought of hope…kind of the last straw of something good that I could pray to happen. Let me tell you that I was in too despondent of a situation for this desire not to come through. 



There was someone who I thought might be moved by the heart to help us and I have learned by this point to look for God to show up by any means. It was not a person who reads this blog or even has a devotion to faith. 



Something happened in this situation and I was able to press myself into feeling as if the prayer was answered. It felt like I had opened a window and I could feel the fresh air of fulfillment blowing a cool breeze on my face. Somehow being able to feel as if it had happened made it real. 



The reality of this prayer coming true began to overwhelm me and I started to get so excited. Instead of asking for it to happen, I was looking anxiously for the moment when it would emerge. I couldn’t help but to constantly thank God because I was so overjoyed by His help! 



In no time at all, really in less than an hour, that person contacted me and offered to send us a Moneygram. With such a wonderful elation of relief, I was able to get the room money that we needed just in time for me to get a peaceful night’s rest without tossing and turning from worry.  



After the breakthrough came, the Holy Spirit reminded me of a teaching dream that He gave me. In the dream, He showed me a picture of myself with an abundance of provisions. All I had to do was press a button of faith and I would have what I needed. The button was symbolic of His governing power and bountiful resources. 



But when I pushed the button repeatedly, nothing would happen. I asked the Teacher, ‘why won’t it come to me?’. Then He said that I needed to know in my heart that I had it and I needed to feel it. When we believe at the heart level, we tap into deep waters that are beyond hopeful thoughts. 



Then we are able to visualize it and receive it as if it were already done. We can come into such a heightened awareness of all that we have in Jesus, that nothing..not even a hopeless looking situation can convince us otherwise. Beyond every natural limitation, we have the ability to materialize a supernatural supply. Faith at a heart level like that requires letting go of the offense of all of the past pain and disappointments.



It requires being vulnerable to trust and dive all the way into a confident expectation. It takes courage to trust that the Father will show up to lovingly fulfill the request as a rewarder of diligent faith. This is all leading to a new love letter that will help open up a deeper level of praying for me and those who are interested. I have seen that I need to surrender some of the past pain in order to level up to the upgraded destination.




I am not saying that I have mastered this, in fact I have only touched my toes in the water. I need a miracle again in a couple of days and I am going to use this as a starting place to see what will become. My hope is to see the manifestation of something big! Hopefully, this can end a chapter of pain and open up a new door of respite. I hope that this little testimony blessed you as it has blessed me. Sweet dreams! 🙂







Dannette Lynn



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