A Gift



Hello with blessings! I would like to give a gift to you from my heart today. In honor of this ‘love’ month and also to celebrate my birthday month, I am giving out The Love Soak download for free. 



For over a decade I despised my birthday and I thought it was cursed. It was my birthday evening when my father passed away from an unexpected heart attack. I could always see the pain in my family’s eyes when my birthday would come around and I started to feel ashamed because I felt like I was a reminder of their pain. I remember one family member once said: “Dannette, I hate your birthday”. Even though I understood that my father was promoted to Heaven, not everyone who was mourning could see it that way.



For years, I hid this time of the month. I would always deactivate my Facebook so that nobody would have to see or remember me. I felt like it was my fault that people were hurting. I also started to notice a pattern of times when infidelity and emotional abuse would peak in this month, back when I was in a different situation. Slowly but surely, I started to hate my life and I am pretty sure that I used to speak negatively about it back then. 



For so many years I felt guilty for ever being born because of the lies of the accuser. However, things are different now and I have been able to experience so much intentional love of the Father. This year I am taking the blessing of my life back. I also publically renounce any self spoken curse over my life. Jesus has blessed me (and you!) and I am no longer going to loathe this time of the month. From now on, I will celebrate because it was a gift of God’s love. I decided that a perfect way to start this new year is to sow into you with a blessing of love. 


From my heart to yours, enjoy this love soak! 




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