Comfort and Help



A love letter from Jesus. 




 Don’t worry, I will get you through this, it’s going to be okay. Just call My name when your soul weeps and troubles weigh you down, I will be your Rescuing Hero to give you a praiseworthy song. 


Calm your heart and inhale My peace. In your helpless situation, you will see My trustworthy deliverance. Even in heavy winds and shaking mountains, you can be sure and fearless. Lean into Me as your Refuge and you will find rest for your soul and an Ever-Present help from troubles. 


Stand in hope and be expecting a good outcome. Fix your eyes on what I can do and remember My vows. Consider My personal love as I break open for you an immeasurable fortune. My love for you will create a way, like freshwater springing up from a well. I will rescue you once again with a pure stream bursting through to bring you comfort and help. 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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